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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Shaker Tag {mambi}

Today I have a Halloween project up over on the me & my BIG ideas blog! There are several other Halloween themed projects on the post from other design team members, so check it out! Click HERE to view the full post.

I love shaker pockets. Like, I want to buy a ton of sequins and try out making different shaker things. Cards, pockets, you name it! I haven't ever made a vellum pocket filled with sequins, so I tried that out on this project. I even took the pop dots off of some dimensional stickers and mixed them in with the sequins inside the pocket (all the different things!).

So festive and fun! I think I know what I'll be using for all my Christmas tags and cards-- shaker pockets!!! :) Watch out, world. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lots of Patterned Papers

So this past Friday, my very first nephew was born! I'm an auntie now!! We made a sure quick trip out to Oklahoma to visit baby Jordan, and it was so worth it. I mean, look at this gorgeous little face!!

I could flood you with lots of photos (I might do that later), but for now I'll just give you a tease and get back to scrappy stuff. ;) I love patterned paper. I love patterns in general. So when it comes to making projects, I go with the logic of the more patterns you can include, the better. That is definitely so with this card. Cue lots of patterns in 3… 2…1…

I have made a lot of thank you cards lately because my birthday was just a couple weeks ago and I had a lot of thank you notes to write for all the gifts I got from friends and family! :) So that's the first of several I will share soon. Until then, have a fab Monday! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October HAPPY PLANNER™ Spread

I love my HAPPY PLANNER ™. I helps me stay organized and get things done throughout the week. I really like how this planner spread came together this week. 

I don't normally plan out things for the weekend, so to fill the space I placed large alpha stickers on the Saturday/Sunday columns. Plus the word FOCUS was a great reminder for me to get stuff done this week! And I actually have gotten almost everything done that I needed to get done. All that's left now is fun scrapbooking-related stuff. 

So I'm off to scrapbook. :)

Click HERE to visit the full post on the me & my BIG ideas blog! 

Friday, October 16, 2015


Happy Friday, y'all! It's so crazy that we are half way through October. Like, for real. This is absolutely crazy. 

Anywho, here's a layout I made with some Pop Art kit papers. I just LOVE the bright colors in that kit, so I had to use all the pretty patterns on one layout. :) 

I love texture. In addition to the mist splatters and hand-cut letters, I sewed on this layout and added some cork embellishments. I usually don't use solid card stock for the background of my pages, but I decided I liked the green for the background of this layout. I'm branching out! LOL :P 

Someday I'm sure I will look at my pages and wonder WHY I used so much spray mist, but oh well. I like it right now. So that's that. 

One of my favorite photos of me, my cat, and my sister. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

21 Things I Did While I Was 20

Today's my 21st birthday! It seems like it should be such a milestone birthday, but I don't really feel like it's THAT much more special. I don't drink, so it's not like I'm gonna go party it up tonight. 

It's kinda weird thinking that I am 21. That seems like a legit age to, like, know what you're doing with your life. Which I don't. I will graduate college this upcoming May and I'm wondering what I'm going to do after that. Move somewhere else? Stay home and just find a job around here? I have no earthly idea. But I know that God knows his plan for my life and I'm happy in resting in Him. :)

So I was inspired by Amy Tangerine to list out 21 things I did while I was 20. I have had a BLAST this year. It's been, like, the best year EVER. So it should be quite easy and fun to list out some fun things I have done in my 20th year. 

1. Visited the gulf 3 times (where this photo was taken). 2. Got my passport. 3. Went to Europe for the first (and definitely not the last) time!! 4.Visited Oregon for the first time. 5. Decided that I'm ok being single. 6. Also decided that I would LOVE to move out and live on my own.  7. Ate waaaaaay too much Chick-fil-A. 8. Got my own scrapbook space again! 9. Bought my first pair of Vans! 10. Did some freelance graphic design 11. Designed my first t-shirt! 12. Spent way too much time on Instagram. 13. Sent random happy mail to my friends. 14. Found out I'm going to be an aunt verrrry soon! 15. Bought a ton of baby boy clothes for my soon-to-be nephew. 16. Went back to my first job I ever had. 17. Did a lot of crafts with 3-year-olds (so fun!!) during the summer. 18. I also left that job and got a new job. 19. Started sharing more of my crafty work on Studio Calico. 20. Resubscribed to Studio Calico-- this time the PL kit! 21. Decided to live by the motto "yolo"-- You Only Live Once. ;) It's a funny phrase, but sometimes I'm just like, "Go for it!" 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello Fall

Oh, how I love fall. The weather is acting crazy here and it hasn't decided to stay cool yet (it's like mid 80's as I type this). I love the crisp feel in the air. I love driving down the road and feeling like you're in a parade because of all the leaves fluttering around you. I love my birthday (Sunday!). I love scarves. I love chai tea. Basically I just love everything fall-ish. 

So here is a cute fall card I made for the World Card Making Day challenges. A little bit of fall colors mixed with leaves is a-okay in my book. ;)

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! :)

Happy Beeday

This past Saturday was World Card Making Day and I actually got to participate and make a few cards that day! I also completed some challenges later, so I now have a lot of new cards to share. 

This first card was for a Studio Calico message boards challenge. The challenge was to use a stamp that you haven't used before, whether that be a new stamp or an old stamp. I chose to use an old stamp set from My Mind's Eye that my friend Katie gave me. I have used the medallion stamp before, but never the bee or the honeycomb. How cute did this card turn out?! I really think I need to use that honeycomb stamp more. 

How do you like my new cork board background for my card photography? I thought it was a nice texture, and you actually can get pretty even lighting if you take the photos outside (like I always do when taking project photography). 

Anyway, have a happy hump day! Can't wait to share more cards with you! :)