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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bright + Beautiful

Today has been such a beautiful day-- a little chilly, but oh so sunny and bright. And of course I'm also excited because that means there's enough daylight to take some photos outside!

I took this picture for a project I'm working on... something VERY exciting (and scary for me as well) is in the works. Actually two somethings! I will let you in on my secrets as soon as I can, but for now I will just share this little sneak--

Hope you have a fabulous day! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Combining Stickers in Your Planner {mambi}

Hello! Happy Monday! I have a planner spread to share with you that is up on the me & my BIG ideas blog today. This spread was for last week. I combined a lot of different stickers and go-to decorating elements on these pages and ended up loving the result.

Sticky notes are definitely a fave! Mambi has some new ones coming out February 1st that debuted at CHA and they are super adorbs. Amanda, the mambi social media coordinator,  has been sharing peeks of the new products on the @the_happy_planner Instagram account and HERE is a pic of the new sticky notes. They're soooo cute!

Of course, this past weekend was Katelyn and Darren's wedding. It was beautiful. And I got to be one of Katelyn's bridesmaids!! Super super fun. :) :) I'll share more on that later.

Watercoloring is such a perfect filler for my planner. Not too busy-- I like that I can still write over it if I need to.

Of course, you can check out the full post on the me & my BIG ideas blog by going HERE. Catch ya later!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pinterest Finds: January

I have seen several bloggers who have a monthly post of recent pins they've found on Pinterest, and I LOVE seeing these kinds of posts. It's so neat to see what other people like pinning. So I wanted to try out doing my own Pinterest here on my blog! :) 

I just got a trial download of Adobe Illustrator on my computer (because I'm working on something SUPER fun!!), and so I had fun playing around and making this little collage. I hope to actually buy the program before I graduate college in May so I can get the student discount. But until then, I can still play around! I have found out I need a mouse attachment for my laptop. I cannot stand using my trackpad and trying to punch keys at the same time! 

So here are my recent finds:

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

1-- Anything cats is perfect. I love this iPhone background, and wow... I need to go put this on my iPhone, not just pin it! :P
2-- I'm constantly dreaming of new places to visit. I don't think an overseas trip is in the plan for this year, but one day I will visit Prague (where this photo is from). 
3-- Currently I'm all about high waisted skirts with striped or plaid shirts. I don't have a striped shirt as of yet, but I bet there will be some coming out in the spring that I can buy! :)
4-- Still undecided on what to do to finish my scrapbook space downstairs. I love this desk space. It's a bit crazy, bit also super bright and fun. 
5-- Pretty watercolor striped notebook!
6-- These shelves are the bomb-dot-com.

Oh! And you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking HERE. :) See ya next month for more Pinterest finds! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Project Life Share + Process Video

Last year, I was so bad about sharing my PL pages... I guess with the start of my YouTube channel, I just shared stuff there and not here. I hope to show you more of my PL pages on the blog this year. It's one of my goals. :) That being said, here's a page from December (still haven't finished last year... only a couple more pages to go though!). 

Before I forget, HERE'S THE LINK to the YouTube process video I made for this spread if you want to check that out. :)

I mixed a bunch of different Studio Calico kits together. I've been getting their monthly Documenter kit and I have so many cute cards and embellishments now! Next month is the last month in my subscription, and I'm almost happy because then I will be able to just go back and use all those cute items that I didn't have time to use when I was getting something new every month. 

I do love kit clubs though. Getting scrappy mail is like the BOMB-dot-com. Just yesterday I signed up for the Simon Says Stamp Card Kit (it has no commitment). I fell in love with their February kit and I miss making cards. So maybe getting new goodies will make me want to create and send more little happy notes. :) I might only do the card kit for a couple months. Just depends on how each month's kit looks. 

ANYWAYS>>> back to this PL spread. I really love mixing products together because I end up with a uniquely "me" page. 

These little icon stickers from me & my BIG ideas are my fave. I seem to put them on everything, which isn't a problem! LOL

Laura and I took some Photo Booth photos at the mall (usually we never do this, so this was fun) and I definitely wanted to include them in my album. I just paper clipped them on the paper and left them hanging out of the page protector. I love how this turned out! 

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend... hope y'all have a great one! 


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Currently: January

I mentioned posting an update on my life in the previous post, so here it is! 

I love this CURRENTLY page in my HAPPY PLANNER™ from me & my BIG ideas. Before each month begins, there's this page that you can fill out. I love all the little blocks and the cool little -ing things you can document each month. 

In addition to above CURRENTLY items on the above list, I am also leaving for CHA TOMORROW!! It is definitely a DREAM come true. My mom is taking the trip to Los Angeles with me, and we are going to have loads of fun. I get to actually meet all these people I only know online! Ha! :) Before going to the show Saturday and Sunday, we are going to spend a day at Disneyland (which I'm SUPER excited about). 

When I get back from this amazing trip, I will be heading back to college. I have already been back at work a little, but my full schedule will start back next week. Honestly for some reason I'm not looking forward to going back to school. I don't really know why. Usually I'm so excited to start a fresh semester. Maybe it's because it is the same ol' stuff. But then again, maybe I'm being pessimistic and maybe I will learn a lot of new and interesting stuff this last semester (yep-- I graduate in May!!).      

Crafting wise, I'm trying to finish out my Project Life 2015 album. For this year, I'm basically using the same format as I did last year. 6x12 size. I need to share some of my pages. I'm horrible at sharing what I make. I can't even count the number of projects I made this past year that I didn't photograph to share. I would say my crafting has evolved in the way that I now create for a specific need or purpose, and that usually isn't to finish a challenge and post it online. It annoys me when I don't have enough natural light to take good photos, and if that's the case, I don't even take them. 

Anyways. That's just some rambling. I'm going to try to post more this year. We shall see if that works. Let me know if you actually read my posts! LOL

Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Faves {me & my BIG ideas}

I have sooooo many things to tell you and blog posts to write (that at the moment are just ideas in my head), but before I dive into 2016, I wanted to share this project I made to complete my PL 2015 album. I'm not actually done with the album yet-- I have a few more weeks to document. But this will go in after everything else. It's a little round-up page of my favorites from this past year. It's super weird to think that we are already a few days into 2016. 

Everything you see here is products from me & my BIG ideas. Some old products, some new products. 

Instead of just reposting what I wrote up for the me & my BIG ideas blog, I'll just link you to the post there. The post has more info about this page and a list of the products I used. :)

I'll hopefully be posting again this week to let you in on some fun and happy events and updates in my life! Until then, have a fabulous day!!