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Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy News!

Y'all. I have some SUPER exciting news to share with you today. Ready for it?

I made the me & my BIG ideas design team! Yayayayayay! I was honestly shocked when I received the wonderful email last Monday. It was a bit crazy because I had just taken a Math test where I TOTALLY blanked out on the test. I mean, I have never done that on a test. Ever. The test was on graphing some different equations and you had to find the vertex of the graph before doing anything else. And I had forgotten how to determine the vertex. There's one way you use certain numbers of the problem. Then there's other problems that it's the opposite number of what's in the problem, depending on where the numbers are placed. I was FREAKING OUT. It was a mix of oh-my-goodness-I'm-gonna-fail-this-math-test and think-brain-think feelings. But then I made myself a simplified problem to show myself how to do a simple problem (thanks, Mr. Arnold in my high school Pre-Cal class!) and then I was able to go back and do the problems correctly. And I ended up making a 95 on the test! Wa-hoo! 

But I said all that to say, it was right after I had taken that test and was feeling so unsure of myself (I didn't know my grade yet) when I checked my Instagram and saw that MAMBI had started following me. I was like, "Does this mean…" So I checked my email and there it was! My invitation to be on their team! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions in just a few hours. I was still unsure of my math test grade, but I was also on cloud 9 because I had just made the team! It's been a while since I've been on a manufacturer design team and I feel so honored to have been chosen out of all the numerous applicants the MAMBI team had. 

I'm still in shock.

But in a good and happy way. ;)

You can check out the official announcement HERE

I look forward to sharing some AWESOME me & my BIG ideas projects very soon!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Creative Blog Tour

Ok, so I have been asked by several ladies to contribute to this blog series going on, where you give a little insight to your creative process. Well, I haven't participated because I hate finding other people to continue the hop with. I don't even like doing things like that on Instagram. LOL But I'm going to break the rules. I'm going to share my answers to these questions and then link you up to all the lovely ladies that asked me to participate in this. So then you can see the posts they have already done on this! 

What am I working on right now?
Right now I have several projects in the works. A mini album for my sister's 16th birthday, a mini album of my trip to Broken Bow, OK, from a few weeks ago, and I'm also working on some little fall- themed treat boxes for my co-workers. 

How long does it take me to create a project?
Umm… depends on what it is. I can whip a card out it probably around an hour. A layout takes me probably 1-2 hours. Projects like treat bags take days because usually I use paint or something that has to dry. One thing I CANNOT do is work on a layout and then come back to it the next day. I lose my inspiration and end up taking whatever I'm working on apart and putting it back in my stash.

What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
Oh my goodness-- I've found myself reaching for diecuts, tags, and word stickers lately.

How does my creative process work?
I start with something I'm inspired by. Whether it's a sketch challenge I want to do, or just a photo I want to scrap. I then decide which papers to use, whether I want to use just one line or use odds and ends, and start creating. I HAVE to have my photo to scrapbook. I have tried scrapping without the specific photos and it just doesn't work. I guess that means I create around the photo. What looks good layered around the photo, what colors won't clash with the photo, etc. I usually work in layers. I will layer my papers, add tags/ doilies/ other flat objects, then add more bulky embellishments. Wood veneer and enamel dots are the last thing I add, along with little things like mist splatters or tiny paperclips.

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
Ooh. That's hard. Sometimes I find it so hard to stay inspired. Well, I should say scrappily inspired (yes, I just made that word up). Everything is inspiring to me. I think it's becoming more that way because of the art classes I'm taking in college. If I'm in a creative rut, I like to find ANYTHING that is inspiring around me and work that into a layout. Whether it's a fun quote I want to use, a color combo I find quite classy, or even if it's just a new scrapbook product I want to use. I have also found out that, for me, buying new scrapbook supplies keeps me inspired as well. I always want to use my new stuff first! :) 

What is my signature style?
I would describe my style as clean with a bit of artsy-ness thrown in. I love adding paint and mist splatters to my pages, along with using lots of textures. Textures are my fave. I love patterns, too. 

Here are the bloggers that "nominated" me. Be sure to visit their blogs, too!
Katie- She is amazing at artsy things and tutorials. Her little fox creations are the cutest things ever!!
Kelly- I love Kelly's pocket scrapbooking and how she documents the every day moments as well as the big moments in life. 
Cassie- If you want to see some serious Silhouette skills, visit Cassie's site. Cassie is the queen of using cool Cameo diecuts. 

I'll be back tomorrow with some HAPPY news. Be sure to check back! :)


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happiness in a Bag

I decorated these cute little bags for my friends on our camping trip last weekend. Inside I put little "spa" items such as lotion, body wash, and facial masks. 

I made the bags from a piece of 12x12 paper and some adhesive. Super easy to make. I'll share a tutorial later if you'd like to know how I made them. ;)

And of course, Pete was interested in them... 

So there's a little something I've been working on lately! My next project is pretty wrapping paper and decorations for my sister's 16th birthday presents! 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

H & J

I'm leaving on a FUN girly-trip tomorrow. We're renting a cabin in Oklahoma for just the five of us. It's gonna be crazy fun. ;) 

But before I leave (I might blog while I'm on vacay, who knows) I wanted to share a new layout that I made. Right now I have a major crush on Studio Calico, so here's a layout I made with their Penny Arcade kit. I absolutely love the colors in this kit. I stamped the woodgrain pattern on the kraft paper because I wanted some more pattern on the bottom of the page. 

This page is about my sweet little friend Jaleesa. I definitely share my love of all things Hello Kitty with her. :) 

So there's a little something to try and keep ye ol' blog active. ;P


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm sitting here at the library at college, wondering what to write. Hmm. I always have a problem verbalizing what I want to say about my projects. Ok. I'm just gonna go for it.

So I made this page yesterday. Fresh off the desk, so to speak! I am still scrapping 8.5x11 pages. I guess they seem like card-layouts. Ok, I mean that the size is in between a card and a layout so that's where I get the crazy name. Haha. 

I had this idea to print these particular photos of Laura and I in photo-strip form. So I did that in Picasa and then printed them out on my 5x7 HP printer. They actually take up more of the page than I thought! Laura and I constantly take "selfies" and this photo session was no exception of the fact. We take the most pics when we go shopping, which is, like, every week. People tease us about going shopping all the time, but really it's just what we like to do together. :) Sometimes we don't buy anything, but it's still fun!

I used the AWESOME August Hip Kit for the most of this page. I love the Shimelle line from American Crafts and there is quite a bit of it included in this kit. I added pieces from my stash to try and stretch the kit AND use up my older stash. 

I loved the piece of Shimelle paper that was divided diagonally into two patterns. So I actually made my own on my page! 

Hope you have a fabulous day!