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Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Happy Day


Thought I'd post this simple little card I made yesterday to send to a friend. I'm trying to make it a habit to make a post here on the blog when I upload my project to whatever gallery I'm posting to. (Usually that's Studio Calico.) So yeah. Here's the card! 

I don't know if you can tell or not, but I used navy thread for the sewing. It's what was in the machine and I was too lazy to change it out. And I'm loving me some misting! Has been my "trend" for a while now. ;)

So that's it :) I have a long weekend off of work AND college and I'm so stinkin' excited about it. I don't have to "do anything" till Wednesday of next week! Can I get a "WOO HOO"?! :P Have a nice weekend, y'all!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Milk Cartons + Mini Candles

Hi there! So, I've made some more little "treats" for my coworkers. I usually make things that they can eat. Or rather, I decorate the packages that contain the yummy treats. ;) This time though I found these ADORABLE (and yes, it's worth putting that in all caps) mason jar candles at Bath and Body Works. They are seriously the cutest candles I have ever seen. I have a thing for mini things. So, without further adieu--

Excuse my cute little kitty. His name is Pete. And he's hyper. And of course he's adorable.

See what I mean? Those candles are probably 2 1/2 inches tall. And they're wonderful fall scents. Mmmm....

So how did I make these? My Silhouette Cameo! My Cameo is the bomb-dot-com when it comes to making cost-effective treats. This milk carton cut file is my absolute favorite. I altered it a bit by adding a window in the front so you can see the candle inside. After cutting out the cartons, I lightly glued some plastic behind the cut-out windows and then sewed around the perimeter of the opening. Pretty and functional at the same time! (Wanna know a secret? I didn't have any clear acetate sheets, so I recycled and used the fronts of clam-shell packaging for the see-through part!) 

After I put the candles in the assembled milk cartons, I decorated the tags with some stickers and tied them on with ribbon or twine. I used the Crate Paper "Open Road" line for the majority of the papers and embellishments. Oh! And one more thing! The letters I used for the names  are from the Dear Lizzy "5th and Frolic." I have had them for such a long time, not knowing what to use them on because of their small size. Then wa-la! The perfect project! I think they fit perfect on these tags (except for Chazlynn's name... her name is tooooooo long).  

And I added a few sequins inside, just for fun. ;)

And there you have it! My most recent project! Sometimes it's just FUN to make little treats like this. :)

On a side note, yesterday was my first day of college and it was fantabulous (as Laura would say)! I switched my Math class from Algebra to Pre Calculus so that will be a little change for this coming week. Because let's be honest. My 15 year old sister could do the Algebra. So I'm switching to something a *little more challenging. I took Pre Cal in high school, so it will still be review. But I don't think I will be as bored. ;) Other than that, everything worked out perfectly! And I totally took the little bit of free time that I had to type out this post. Hope you enjoyed it! I have school and work this week. And it's gonna be busy. But I like it. ;) 


Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Funday

It's Friday! Yay! I have to say, Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It's like, you get to anticipate the weekend and FRIDAY but it's still a plain ol' day of the week. But I'd have to say Fridays are probably next on the list of favorite days of the week! :) 
I mean, Friday is Friday! 

I just wanted to share these little cupcake box toppers I made for the gals at work. I LOVE surprising them with goodies, whether it's just some chocolate chip cookies on a Friday, or something fun like a cupcake from the local bakery on a Monday. (I'm a sucker for cupcakes!) And of course with fun treats come pretty decorations. I pre made these little scalloped toppers before I bought the cupcakes and then stuck them on the tops of the boxes with a single pop dot later. It's so fun sharing my crafty creations. They all loved them! And they actually paid attention to all the little details! It's rare that someone notices all that goes into making something. 

Photo taken with my iPhone 5s

If you can't tell, I love my coworkers. ;) I'm already working on something else for them! Fun, fun!

Hope you have a fantabulistic (I'm pretty sure Laura made that word up) Friday! ;)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Little Hello

I still have a "thing" for making cards, like I've said before. I started out with a totally different idea for this card and then it morphed into this. Lately with my creating, I've been going with the motto, "Keep it simple." When I keep adding stuff, I end up messing up what I liked to begin with. 

I added the stamped grey stars after I had "finished" the card and immediately wished I would have left them off. I liked the simplicity before. Oh well. And here is where I use the motto, "Just go with it." LOL 

And I saw this cute idea on Amy Tan's blog to cover up stitching, staples, etc. with a photo inside the card! What a fun and personal touch! :)  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fab Four

Starting this Monday out right... ;)

I made this layout with the new August kit from Hip Kit Club. I love their kits, and I just so happened to have a gift certificate that I won from one of their blog hops, so buying this awesome kit was a no-brainer. The colors are so GORGEOUS. I love every single thing in the kit. Included are the following lines: Shimelle by American Crafts, Brighton Pier from Studio Calico, and Notes & Things by Crate Paper. All three of which were on my wish list. Can you say perfect timing?

So I had this photo of my friends and I from MarLeah Joy Photography that I just absolutely love. I knew I wanted to title the page "Four" or something like that and then I saw the chipboard piece that said "fab" on it. Perfect! And right then and there, "Fab Four" became the title. 


Check out that cute "undoubtedly" phrase sticker. Totally in love with Shimelle's UK lingo. ;)

See that vintage button? It's actually from when we cleaned out my grandma's house. I found lots of old wooden spools of thread (super cool!) and some vintage buttons. [love]

And how CUTE is this cork camera?! I'm dying. I love it so much. The cork pieces in the Shimelle line are so large... so much larger that cork pieces I've used before. Perfect statement embellishments. 

So, as you can tell. I had fun making this page. There's nothing better than documenting photos of friends with pretty paper and embellishments. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I LOVE typography. Pretty prints with hand lettering or funky fonts just tickle my fancy. So when I saw the Just Two Midwest Girls Challenge and the Typography challenge from Scrapbook Circle, I knew I could combine the two and make one layout with lots of letters! 

My Silhouette Cameo makes things so easy. I made a stencil with all the letters of the alphabet and then included the title "Shine" along with the other alphas. I cut it out and then water colored the letters with my cheap-o water color paints from Michael's (side note: I want to buy me some "real" watercolor paints… maybe with my birthday money this fall?). I outlined the title with a pen from American Crafts and wa-la! My title was done! Well, almost. The blue letters were a little too bold, so I used some white india ink and blue mist to paint over the letters.