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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scrapping on the Go: A Mini Album

We are home for a little while! Yippee! We had been gone for a week for vacation/ some other stuff and then we came home just to turn around and go back out to Missouri for my grandmother's funeral the end of this last week! Needless to say, we are happy to be in the comforts of our OWN home. My bed's gonna feel good tonight. 

Anyway, with being gone so much, I haven't created anything recently. And I was dying. So I packed a little tote bag of scrappy goodness to take with me this last trip. 

It's hard for me to narrow down from my huge stash what to bring. But, I have found that if I think of a project to do, then I can make a kit of things that I want to use. 

I decided to make a mini album-- one of my favorite things EVER to create. I printed some mini photos of Laura that I took back in May and packed some new products to play with. I packed my Lemonlush mini pad from Studio Calico, along with some other SC embellishments. I also brought along my watercolors + waterbrush + watercolor paper. I love using watercolors. I am FAR from being an expert at using them, but I still love the beautiful effect of them. 

I made my album 4 inches x 5 inches, so I could use the 6x6 paper pad for some of the pages. 

I even stole some packing from a table that my brother had bought for a page in my mini album. 
Adds so much texture!

This page was a bit tricky. I wasn't being too patient on waiting for the watercoloring to dry, and my writing on this page was kinda messy. It started peeling up the paper in some places. 
But thankfully you can't really tell it. ;)

And just some close-ups of the album! 

Here's to hoping I create more and share more! :)


katie said...

So sorry about your grandmother, but I hope you had a good vacation!

You mini album is lovely! Are you going to keep it, or give it to Laura? I've never been good at scrapbooking while traveling, I don't like only working with limited supplies, haha. :)

Chark said...

love the mini album...and sorry to hear about your grandmother.