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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Little Hello

I still have a "thing" for making cards, like I've said before. I started out with a totally different idea for this card and then it morphed into this. Lately with my creating, I've been going with the motto, "Keep it simple." When I keep adding stuff, I end up messing up what I liked to begin with. 

I added the stamped grey stars after I had "finished" the card and immediately wished I would have left them off. I liked the simplicity before. Oh well. And here is where I use the motto, "Just go with it." LOL 

And I saw this cute idea on Amy Tan's blog to cover up stitching, staples, etc. with a photo inside the card! What a fun and personal touch! :)  

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craftykellyj said...

I personally love the stars! And I notice you're staging your photos. LOVE! Sometimes I cover up the stitching, staples, etc. with patterned paper too. Just to have some prettiness on the inside.