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Monday, February 9, 2015

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Card

Hello! This week I will be sharing one Valentine's Day project a day in a little countdown to the big day on Saturday! :) 

Today's project is a fun card I made with me & my BIG ideas products. I am a total patterned paper lover, and so of course I wanted to use some of their beautiful love-y patterns for this card. After punching the hearts from the papers, I painted half of each heart with golf metallic paint. I used washi tape to make sure the lines were straight. :)

I painted the background of the card with some white paint first for the polka dots and then with blue watercolor once the white paint dried. The dots resist the watercolor a little bit, and I thought that looked pretty cool! 

I then sewed the hearts to the card and added some buttons and a glittery dimensional sticker to finish the card.

Come back tomorrow for a Valentine's Day moodboard that I made myself! :)

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GLOANN said...

So cute. Looking forward to a post every day this week.