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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Mini Album

Nw, I know that you are sitting there in shock. I don't hardly ever share mini albums. So, enjoy, ok? ;)

I was brainstorming about doing an Instagram mini album one day, and I came with up with the idea of using washi tape to bind an accordion album together. I used my Instagram pictures that I have taken of my cute daycare kids, but because they're my daycare kids, I had to blur out their cute little faces for security reasons.

I used my October Afternoon " Woodland Park" collection for this mini because I bought basically all of the collection when it first came out at TwoPeas. I had the stickers, chipboard, brads, all the works. So I thought it would be fun to use off a cute little book of "my" kids. I think my favorite part about this collection is the chevron designs! And notice, not just patterned paper in chevron design, but WASHI in chevrons too! I have one question for my blog readers though, would you like a tutorial on how to make this album? I thought it might be too simple of a tutorial for you. ;) But I can if you think you would use it! Just leave a comment for me saying yay or nay for a tutorial.

On a different note, how's your scrappy Christmas coming along? Do you plan on using your scrappy skills for some projects, whether it be decorations, gifts, or gift wrap? I bought some cute little red chevron bags yesterday at TJMaxx that I'm SUPER excited about using for some little Christmas treats! ;) Have a fabulous Tuesday!

P. S. Ahh, the simple joys in life... Blogger updated their app so it is now a full screen on my iPad instead of a tiny iPhone sized screen on my iPad. Yay!

P. P. S. Sorry about the pictures all being mixed up... My iPad won't post them correctly. :(


ELLEN said...

How cute and a great way for you to remember all those cute kids. I'm not so creative, so YES I would love a tutorial showing how you made this.

katie said...

I love the way you used washi to bind it!!

Shanon said...

Really cute! A great way to get some of those instagrams off the gadget and into a book. Love it!