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Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Photoshoot

So, yesterday Laura and I went on a little photoshoot trip. Actually it was a I'll-take-pictures-of-you-and-then-we-can-go-get-Starbuck's kind of trip. I bribe her with Starbuck's. ;) 

This was actually for my photography class in college. I needed some fashion pics. These are more portrait-oriented, so I think I'll make her dress up (haha, she dresses up every day) again so I can take more outfit-oriented photos. The outfit Laura had on yesterday was surprisingly plain for her. But of course, she's still stylin'. 

The park that we stopped at was so pretty. The YELLOW leaves popped so amazingly :) with Laura's blue skirt. 

This one is my new fave. It makes her look so pretty, in my opinion. 

Can you tell we were trying to do "fashion" photography? Fashion photography is actually pretty weird and random. Gotta find some random blocks for Laura to hug...

One of her faves:

This one is my desktop photo on my Mac right now. The leaves!! I miss having leaves to play in/ take pictures of. Our trees in our yard now are pitiful. 

Mandatory leaf-throwing photo. :)

And this is truly Laura. Laughing. 

Yeah. We had fun. ;) I will forever have "too many" photos of Laura. But I'm totally ok with that. She's a beauty. :)



Chark said...

great pics--I like the shhh one and the leaves in the air one...very artsy!

katie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! :)

And I am easily bribed with tea. haha