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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Layout

Hello! Here is another Valentine-y project I have made recently.

This time I used lots of me & my BIG ideas products. I mean... a LOT. I went a little sticker happy. ;)

I love the way the dimensional stickers look paired with the clear white stickers on the black paper. I have come to appreciate clear stickers.

I thought the ? would be really good symbolism for me wondering who I will eventually marry. Someday I will fill that ? space! :)

Come back tomorrow for my last Valentine's Day themed project! It's personally my favorite. :)


GLOANN said...

So much talent all bundled up in one person! This is beautiful. And, yes, one day a young man will receive a blessing beyond his fondest dreams!!

MarLeah Beverage said...

Very true story! ;) And I love that picture of you, btw!