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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Graphic Design World

I thought I'd show you today a little bit of what I get to do at college! I love learning new things in my graphic design classes, and this was one of our exercises a couple weeks ago. 

We had to take a picture and add pattern or texture to parts of a photo. I have always wanted to see what a patterned wall would look like in my room. Since I have recently put up an art gallery wall above my bed, I thought it would be neat to use a photo of my room to conceptualize in Photoshop. 

My original photo:

My original idea was to put handwriting on the wall. This is definitely a little large, so it doesn't look as realistic. But it's still cool! ;)

I added several different patterns, so tell me which one is your favorite! The stripes is definitely my personal fave. :)


katie said...

These are so neat, Heather! You did a really good job with all of them.
I think I love the last one or the first one best, although I really love the handwriting too.

MJ's Kraze said...

Great job, Heather. I am loving the white brick and handwriting.

GLOANN said...

Your room is so attractive, Heather. I love the addition of the vertical large stripes the best.

craftykellyj said...

I love the brick wall! You know they have removabe wallpaper you can use? They sell it At Target. Just a thought!