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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Recent Scrappy Buys

I have a small haul that I thought I would share with you today! These are just some items that I’ve picked up here and there whenever I can find good deals. One advantage of traveling with Kevin is that I get to go shopping EVERYWHERE. Seriously, when we just got to Pennsylvania for a couple of days recently, I hit up two JoAnn one day looking for the mini paper pads that I’ve only found at ONE other Jo’s (I had a 60% off coupon! Alas, didn’t find any good ones.). 

Tuesday Morning is place I love going to because you never know what you’re going to find! I got two packs of phrase thickers for $1.99 apiece recently! I’ll take it, I’ll take it! :) 

These are some papers that I found at JoAnn’s. They were on sale 12 for $2— you can’t go wrong! New patterns too! What was super weird though is that there were 2 Pink Paislee Oh My Heart papers, but they were $1.99 apiece not on sale. Whaaa? These are thin, one sided papers. I don’t mind paying $0.17 for a thin, one sided paper, but waaaaay not $1.99. I’m supposing there was just a glitch somewhere. I’m going to check back later. More than one Jo’s was that way though, so I’m hoping they will discover their mistake soon. 

Also on the right of this photo are some older papers (and a sticker sheet!) from Echo Park that I bought at the Scrapbook Clearance store in Pigeon Forge (we stopped by on the way to work after visiting my parents last weekend!). 

THIS. <3 I’ve been looking for THIS collection by Kaitlin Shaeffer and Carta Bella for a little bit now. You’ll discover my love for Kaitlin’s designs later this month when I use one of her other collections in my Refound Faves series. Anyway, since this collection is older (2013), I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. And then we went to the big scrapbook store in Pigeon Forge (beside the clearance store) and found this for 50% off!!! Whaaaa?? Talk about a wonderful serendipity. I can’t wait to use it. 

I bought these Dear Lizzy diecuts from her Happy Place collection from last year in a Facebook resale group. I’ve been eyeing them for a while now. That “so in love” one is basically why I bought the pack. lol 

I love this pattern. I bought the Crate Paper Cool Kid and Outfitters 6x6 paper pads at JoAnn (this pattern is from the Cool Kid pad). I wanted to find more of the AC paper pads, but haven’t had any luck yet (the store I bought these at was sold out of a lot of them). Only larger JoAnn stores sell them, and I didn't realize how many SMALL Jo's there are out there! :( 

Have you gotten any good deals on some new goodies lately? I'm kind of obsessed with finding good deals on scrappy stuff. I also just sorted my scrap room the other week, so maybe that's why I'm in the mood to buy new stuff! ;)

P. S. Can you tell I LOVE PAPER?? 

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