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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thumbs Up

Right after Kevin and I got married, the company he works for said that maybe we should get a camper to haul so it would feel more like "home" to me. I don't know if it was a suggestion or a request, but K took it like that's what they wanted him to do. (He basically will do anything for this company. He's just like that.) So, we proceeded to look for a new truck because his old one probably wouldn't haul a big camper like what we were wanting. 

My dad found us a good deal on a truck from someone that we kinda knew, and when we were down in Alabama for Christmas, we bought a truck! It's kinda crazy when you have to buy BIG things like that right after you get married. It's cray-cray on the bills. But we made it through, and we are prod owners of a lifted and loud Chevy truck. Kevin LOVES it. I mean, I think every time he drives it, there's a huge smile plastered on his face. I like it. Doesn't really matter that much to me, just that it's a Chevy (so my dad can help if we have problems) and it looks nice. :) I'd rather drive our VW Jetta ANY time. That truck is way too big. But anyways!

We also got a camper (which is another story for another time) and are HOPING to get on the road with it soon! 

When we were having a photo session with Katie & Alec, Katie asked if we wanted a picture with our new truck (we were talking about it) and yep. Pretty sure this is Kevin's favorite photo of the day. lol So I had to scrap it, right?? 

I kept it pretty simple. I love the Lovely Day papers from Dear Lizzy and the "thumbs up" title from Oh My Heart goes perfectly with the photo. :) 

I really love how this page turned out! This was one of those pages that I wasn't super crazy about to begin with, but ended up loving!

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craftykellyj said...

I absolutely love this layout! I'm pinning it. And what a great story. Enjoy your new truck! We want a camper so bad. Maybe one day!