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Monday, June 26, 2017

Project Life: #life

Happy Monday! 

I still have some Project Life spreads to share that I made on National Scrapbook Day back in May, so here's one of them! 

I've been having some problems with depression (?) lately, so if you think of me, say a little prayer for me. A couple of weeks ago, it was SO intense. It's never been that bad. I made a last-minute road trip back to West Virginia for the camp meeting there (and it's been two months since we've been home!) and that was wonderful. I've missed being in church. I've missed people (specifically people I know). I am kind of an extrovert and so I love being with people. Of course there are those rare times I want to be alone, but overall I thrive on human interaction. I think it's all the adjustment of getting married and moving away from home and then being on the road all the time that was just weighing on me. 

Thankfully I'm doing better now. It's still something I face each day, but with the help of the Lord I can be victorious over those overwhelming feelings that want to swallow me up. 

SO! Back to scrappy things. :) 
That striped card is one of my favorites. The colors are just my FAVE! So I used that card to inspire the rest of the spread. I'm trying to use up some stash around here! :)

That arrow paper clip was something that was being used for the other side of the page, so I just used it to clip onto the mirror card on this side too (hope that makes sense).

Hope you have a fantabulous week! :)

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