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Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Friday!

Oh, I'm so glad it's Friday!! I'm looking forward to some shopping at the mall tonight. :)

I lifted a layout on Club CK for this layout. I basically enlarged the design of THIS original page by neeceebee. I used some ah-mazing Glitz Design Uncharted Waters for this layout. I love ts collection. The color combo is just beautiful. I even pressed some flair with my button press just for this layout! And how do you like those speech bubble journaling spots? Aren't they awesome?! They're from Pretty Little Studio. And they're fabulous.

I documented a typical day for me. I usually don't scrap pics of me, and I really liked this one I took with my iPad in my mom's car. I thought it'd be cool to scrap a regular day for me!

Something else about this layout... I tried to mist on my background paper, but for some reason it wouldn't dry and it basically just came right off. But I wanted the misted look, so I got out some acrylic paint and a craft stick and got to work! I went over where I had misted before, and I think it looks a lot like regular mist!

That's it for today! :)


katie said...

ohhh, I thought it was mist!!

MarLeah Beverage said...

I love the color of that background!Cute! :)

Andrea said...

awesome layout and I love how you used the speech bubbles! :)

Ashley Horton said...

This is SO CUTE Heather!! Great photo of you and I love the fun way you did your title on the talk bubbles! And I really like the look of the white acrylic paint on the background!