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Friday, November 1, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 35-40

I'm behind sharing my Project Life spreads! So, I'll catch you up on what's been going on in my life. *Note: I typed some of the week descriptions a while ago, so they might not be "current." Like... say, some of them say I am wanting a job. And now I have two. :) So just keep that in mind when you're reading this. 

Week 35- This week I used the "DIY Shop" collection from Crate Paper for my spread. I just LOVE the colors in this line. This spread turned out to be one of my favorite PL spreads ever. I just love everything about it! You know when something just turns out perfectly? That's what happened here! I had been buying a lot of product it seemed like and hadn't used it! So, I was solving that problem. I got out my chevron wood veneers and Heidi Swapp mist-resist hearts and gave my new products a work-out.

Something new I tried on this layout was painting the word "week." I don't know much about different types of brushes... or art for that matter. So probably you shouldn't do what I do. :P I used a round-tipped brush to paint and at first I hated how it looked. Then after it dried, I kinda liked it! It gives it a not-so-perfect feel. I mean, life isn't perfect, right? Now I'm totally in love with my messy painting. Someday I'll know the right brushes to use, but I'm content right now just being ignorant. :P

As for life happenings… this week I baked 3 different types of cookies for a Labor Day gathering we were going to. Coffee house cookies, "Juanita" cookies (we call them that because Sis. Juanita always made them!), and iced sugar cookies. I had fun making them all! I also iMessaged MarLeah. We iMessage a lot. It's so cool having your whole conversation right there. So, I screen-shot my favorite part of the convo. I read a book this week too. Shock, shock. It's called "The Vow." I loved it. Mom had read it and she was talking about it, so I read it before we had to return it to the library. I would TOTALLY recommend this book. It's such a sweet story. I didn't watch the movie, but I think the movie is different than the book, so you gotta read the book if you've only watched the movie!! 

 Week 36- This week started out with the Labor Day gathering in Missouri at my aunt and uncle's place. I applied at Cato this week. I desperately need a job! I actually wouldn't mind working at Cato though. :) I've shared this layout before because I entered it into a My Mind's Eye challenge. I used basically all MME products on this page… the new "Cut & Paste" collection. Our house got shown this week (yay!). We know the real estate agent really well… so she left me a note on my scrapbook table telling me hi! Of course I had to put it in my PL.

Week 37- I mixed together Allison Kreft's "Sweet Notes" and "Composition and Color" 3x4 cards for this spread. I like how parts of each collection mix with the other. I used a couple of Elle's Studio tags on this too. We looked at two different houses this week. Both in the same subdivision. The first one we looked at (on the left spread) was gorgeous. But the basement needed work. The family had, like, 10 foster kids at one time so you can imagine the wear and tear of the house! Then, my dad happened to call a contractor about fixing the basement of that house and the contractor told him about this other house they were building in the same subdivision. He gave us the code to the lock and so of course we had to go look at it! It's a lot smaller than the other house… plainer too. It's the plain one in the subdivision. BUT, we could get all that we need in a house for a very reasonable price if we decided on that house. We'll see what works out. We still have yet to sell our house here! 

 Week 38- I used basically all Elle's Studio products on this page. A lot of the new line "Penelope" mixed with a few older patterns that fit well with the new one. This spread was inspired by my guest design spot over at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. I loved the colors in the October kit "Belonging" and so I used that to jump off scrapping this week. Our cat brought her kittens back to the house (they're so cute!) after taking them to who-knows-where for a couple of weeks. We love kittens at our house. Then of course it gets to be too many and then we don't love them so much. LOL 

Lots of just everyday photos in this spread… making cookies, my sister's friend, Courtney, coming over, a pretty sunset, driving, a campfire… I do like that I remember to take photos more now than I did before I started Project Life. Albeit, they're nothing too special, but they are capturing my life at this moment. And I like that.

 Week 39- Ugh. This week. I went looking for jobs this week. I HATE applying for jobs. I feel like a failure and insufficient human being whenever I do that. But I DO want a job. It's hard to balance the two feelings. I did have a job interview this particular week though. But I never heard anything from them. Poo. :( Someday I'll find the perfect job for me. And I will be so glad that these other ones didn't work out. Someday.

I used Crate Paper's fall line from last year called "Acorn Avenue." I love the artsy feel of this line. Kinda reminds me of the company Sassafras. I wonder if one of the designers from there made this line. I've always wondered… I used some free cut files from Two Peas in a Bucket on this spread. All the kraft colored cards are from them. I did tweak the designs a bit to fit my needs. That's what I love about my Silhouette Cameo. :)

Week 40- Positively one of my FAVORITE PL spreads ever. I just love how this one turned out. I love watching Two Peas videos while I scrap and so I recently watched Marcy Penner on one of the Project Life videos.  She had challenged "us" to use a card and jump off that to make your spread. Just from that one card. I LOVED the challenge. So, I picked out my card and got to work. I chose a card from Amy Tan's new line "Cut & Paste" that had a little cluster of flowers in the top lefthand corner of the card. (the title card) I loved that there were a lot of colors to work with from this one card. I used some more of the "Cut & Paste" line for this spread, but I also used pieces from other collections as well. I loved how all of the colors are tied together with that one flower cluster that I started out with.

This week was my little sister's 15th birthday! Ahh! She's getting old! LOL Guess that means I'm getting older too. ;) So we had her birthday on Monday. And my brother surprised us with a visit! He totally got all of us! None of us knew… except Mom. And she only found out the afternoon that he was coming! He had went to see his girlfriend and decided to go ahead and come out our way! So he got in on all the birthday festivities! 

We celebrated my 19th birthday on Thursday (even though my b-day  wasn't until the 11th). Mom made chocolate cupcakes with white icing. They were beautiful cupcakes and they tasted amazing! I am kinda thinking I want those cupcakes for my wedding. Whenever that is to happen, that is. Haha. 

Friday we went garage sale-ing. I got a lot of good deals! I think that's the most I have ever spent on garage sale items. I think I spent like $25 or something like that. But I got a lot of good stuff! Like an old Pentax camera for $5 (it works too!), a little tin typing table (found that out from Dad… he looked at it and said "We used those in school!") for $4, and some frames to use in my new bedroom… if we ever move. :) Plus lots of other stuff that I won't bore you with naming out.

Then on Saturday we got to go see Josh Turner again! Woo hoo! We had to travel almost 2 hours to get to the concert, but it was worth it. It was at a fair and so after the concert, we were trying to get to the fair part of the arena and we accidentally went out into the parking lot! And then they wouldn't let us back in without buying another ticket! It was annoying because they saw us leave (even said "Have a nice day" or something like that) and then we didn't even know we were heading into the parking lot of all places!! So we didn't get to ride the ferris wheel or buy a funnel cake. Boo hoo. :(  

So that's my life through week 40. I'll share the other spreads soon. :)

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MarLeah Beverage said...

Wow! What a spread! I loved every one of them so much. But it always makes me especially giddy when I see me in them :) Well, this time it was our messages... :D