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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Roads

Hey there! It's hard to believe that it's JUNE! Absolute craziness. I feel like an old person. From day to day, it seems like it drags. But then a month goes by and you're like, Where did that go?! 

So I'm sharing a layout that I almost threw away… let me explain. 

Included in this month's "Direction" kit is this AWESOME gold vellum map from Chic Tags. I wanted to use the whole thing on an art page. It's see-through, so I decided to put strips of paper behind it. So I did that and then I doodled a quote that I found on Pinterest on it. 

Umm… it looked awful. 

 Every time I looked at it, I hated it. So I tore the map off and built a whole new page. There are places where the paper ripped a little bit, but I think that just adds character to that page. ;) And I think I can reuse the map vellum. That is, if I want "Go confidently in the direction in your dreams" on a layout… So here's what I came up with on try #2:

So much better, right? I really love that there are LOTS of different textures on this page. Texture makes me happy. :) The distress paint in the kit this month is so awesome. I think I'm in love with paint right now. Instead of being in love with boys. LOL Sewing, wood veneer, paper, stickers, paper clip, thickers, aaahhhh… love it. 

By the way, I blogged more about this page on the SFTIO blog today. I like the story behind this page, so I'd love for you to check out what it's all about. :)

Have a FAB Thursday! Fun fact of the day: Thursdays are, like, my favorite day of the week. One day from being Friday. Oh yeah. 



craftykellyj said...

Sometimes I make things that I HATE HATE HATE. Sometimes I rip them up and sometimes I keep them. I'm sorry. It sucks. But in all honesty, I do like that page you shared. And the one after is pretty AMAZING too!

MarLeah Beverage said...

How cute! I love this stuff!