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Monday, June 29, 2015

New Scrapbook Space Decor

I have a new scrapbook space! Yay! We moved my brother out to the new apartment above the shop a few weeks ago, so I got to take over part of the basement. We have a living room area downstairs and I have my scrapbook desk on one wall of the area. I think we are going to put a small couch on the other side of the room. It's already so nice having an area I can leave messy! :D Before my flight out to France, we went to IKEA in Atlanta and bought the desk. So, while I was gone, Dad put it all together for me. Knowing that I had an awesome new desk at home waiting for me made it a little easier to return from such an awesome trip. :)

 As you can see in the photo above, I have a blank space on the wall above my desk. I was thinking of putting some random photos and quotes up there, but then I remembered that I have some Gallery Art Pads from me & my BIG ideas!! Those things are the BEST because it's like you have custom art prints to decorate with. There are some really cute pictures and quotes in the Gallery Art Pads. I chose some of my favorite sayings and pictures to put up on my wall (that flamingo and cactus are my FAVE!). I added some personal snapshots and instax photos as well to mix it up a bit. 

And just for your information, you can buy these Gallery Art Pads at Hobby Lobby. It makes me so happy seeing awesome products like this in stores that are all around the country. They are also available in the mambi online store HERE

P.S. I uploaded a new YouTube video! Woo hoo! :) Check it out by clicking HERE