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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Project Life Process: Paris & Berlin

Slowly, but surely, I have been catching up on Project Life. It's so bad when you get behind because it's hard to know where to start to catch back up! You can start where you left off, but then you also don't have the time to document the weeks you're in or have just finished (does that make sense?). Arg. I have done a few pages though, and I wanted to share the very first FULL spread of my 6x12 Project Life album with you. 

I even made a process video of it. Click HERE to watch it! :D

Scrapping my Europe trip just makes me happy. I think I just need to fill my whole wall up in my room of photos from this trip. <3 

Catch you later!


Unknown said...

That trip looked amazing! Love that mint etc card! <3

MarLeah Beverage said...

I NEVER would have thought to put stickers on a ruler first before putting them on the page like you did for the "Happy" letters! One of those "Ah-ha!" moments for me! lol!!