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Monday, February 29, 2016

Personal Fitness Challenge in my HAPPY PLANNER™ {mambi}

Hello! This past Friday I had a post up on the me & my BIG ideas blog showcasing this personal fitness planner insert that I made. Check it out: 

Amanda hosted a challenge last year entitled "A Mile a Day in March" which was just a simple challenge to walk/run/bike/etc. for one mile each day. I participated, and I think I only missed one day the entire month! I wanted to do it again this year, but we are going on vacation for Spring Break the last week of March (YAY!!) so I really just wanna be on vacay and not have to worry about fitness. :) 

So I decided to take on the challenge early and make it last a month-- just not all of it is in March. And I threw in some additional challenges as well!

I made this grid checklist that encloses a little list for each day for me to check off. Want to know what's the hardest of those 4 items? No pop. Man, I just love drinking some DP with my pizza. It's totally just a habit, and I really need a break from it. So yeah. SO MUCH TEMPTATION over the past four days, but I'm going strong! I won't give up now!! 

I also made a page that I can record my measurements throughout this little challenge. I'm really curious to see if anything changes! 

Check out the full blog post HERE on the mambi blog-- there's more to read there! :)

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