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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Project Life Process: 2016 Title Page

Hey everyone! I've finally started on documenting the year so far-- there's already been so much happen! I love it though. And it makes me super happy reliving all the memories when I put the photos in my Project Life album. 

So here's the title page for my album. The best is yet to come! :) 

Here's the video of the making of this page if you want to watch it! If this video isn't working, just click HERE to visit directly on YouTube.  

This card was such a troublemaker. ;) I messed up 3 times on it!! 

So I hope to make more process videos this year! They are fun to make! Do you like watching process videos? Would you like card making process videos? Layout making videos? I'm open to your ideas! :)

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