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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life is Good

Yay for another SFTIO project! This page is totally "me."

This page is pretty funky because it's a 8.5x11 inch page turned sideways! That's because I had already trimmed a couple of inches off the map background paper and so if I would have turned it the other way it would have been sideways. But hey, it worked. I think it looks pretty cool, myself. :)

I made this page about how I am satisfied with my life right now and the direction that I'm going. 

My journaling reads: "I'm pretty satisfied with where I am in life right now. Sometimes I get antsy on days that are super lazy, stay-at-home-all-day days. I like doing stuff. I want to TRAVEL. But I read somewhere that "it's okay to live a calm life." A crazy calm life, yes. Haha. Seems like this year has flown by so far. So I'm trying to enjoy this stage in my life." (Of course I had to add in that I want to TRAVEL because one, I want to travel. And two, there are so many cute traveling icons in this month's kit! Blends perfectly.)

I absolutely love the 3x4 journaling cards in this month's kit. You can do so many cute things with them. Simple things like lining them up, like I did here, or making cards with them, or making a grid pattern layout, or… lots of possibilities! 

Be sure to check out the SFTIO blog today to read my other post about this page! :)



MarLeah Beverage said...

Yep, totally you! :) And as far as travel goes... I wanna go with you!!

Chark said...

beautiful page and yep, travel is kinda awesome, but being home can be too!