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Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Life Album Share

Hello! Happy Monday to everyone!

I am sharing the first few spreads from my 2015 Project Life album today, along with a YouTube video walkthrough of my album so far this year!

First things first, click HERE to watch the video. :)

Here are the only spreads I have actually taken photos of (oops!). It's only the first few pages, so these are from the first part of January. I will try to take pics of all the other spreads soon, but for now you can just see them in my video. ;)

(This very first spread is one of my faves. I think it's the machine stitching that I love so much.)

(I did a process video on this spread, if you want to check that out.)

I'm pretty proud of myself that I made a video of my album. Now you can see how I'm doing Project Life this year! :)


Melissa Marie said...

So pretty Heather! I also love seeing the picture of Anthem Lights music! Glad to see that you like them! :)

craftykellyj said...

Love your PL! It has so many ideas for how I want to do mine! Can't wait to get back into it.

Unknown said...

Love these pages so much! 1D!!! <3