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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy, Scrappy Mail

I absolutely love getting mail. Especially when it's new scrapbook goodies! I bought some new CHA releases from Paper Issues last week and got it in the mail yesterday. Let me tell you, it's pretty stinkin' cool to actually own products that I was drooling over at CHA just a few weeks ago.

Here's a pic of the loot! :D Such a pretty pile, right?!


Maggie Holmes Bloom
Maggie was my favorite designer I met at CHA. She was totally SWEET and seemed so humble about all the praise everyone was giving her (cause for real, at CHA it's all like, "I love your line! You're so talented!" over and over and over again). I think that reflected in what I bought. I got more of her line than any of the others! :P Not a prob. This line is gorgeous. 



Dear Lizzy Happy Place-
Liz is always one of my favorites because I LOVE her use of color and fun designs. This line is no exception. I HAD to get that stamp set because of the "life is a party" phrase and the cute heart sunglasses. Plus, can you imagine how cute those little fruits will be stamped on a card?! I'm in love with the palm leaves and cacti in this line as well. This collection screams "SUMMER!" to me! :)


Amy Tangerine Better Together-
I loved the bold colors and Amy's handwriting in the Amy Tangerine Better Together line. The more I look at this line, the more I think I will be using it in the future (unknown future, I might add... lol) when I have a significant other. Plus this whole line was made on the idea of boy meets girl and they write each other postcards, make each other mixtapes, etc. So I guess it makes sense that I want to use it on lovey dovey things. :)

Oh, and Amy was adorable. She was so welcoming... she's the only one who came up to me as I was approaching the booth to give me a hug. :) 



I am still waiting for Paige's "Fancy Free" line to come out... it's my absolute FAVORITE release of CHA. I told her that too. :) 


craftykellyj said...

Yah new scrapbook goodies! I just love your photos with the girls! It was my dream at one time to meet Elizabeth Kartchner. And I super love Amy Tangerine since I started watching her videos. Not sure what I'm in love with yet as far as CHA products go. I think I need to look around for a bit more.

MarLeah Beverage said...

That's so cool that you got all those pics with you and all the girls! :D