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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Week Planner Spread

I love Christmas. The gift buying, the wrapping, the music, the decorations, the reason for the season-- it all make me happy inside. :) I'm so excited for Kevin and my first Christmas together as well. Have I said I'm excited? 

Here's my planner pages in my HAPPY PLANNER™ this week. I had several different things I wanted to get done this week, so this came in handy and kept me organized. Sometimes I don't get stuff done on the day I have it listed, but I usually manage to get those things done later in the week. It's all about having it visually laid out so I can see it. 

I kept the colors red and green for this week, since HELLO? It's Christmas!!

If I don't "see" you again, I hope you have a MERRY Christmas! :)

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