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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello Card

I'm back again with a card that I made the other week. Lately, inspiration hasn't been my friend and that's totally not a good thing because I have so many projects swimming around in my head!

I remember the days when I just wanted PICTURES and MEMORIES to scrapbook. I remember asking people for photos or having specific photo shoots just so I could have photos to scrap. Now, it's quite the opposite. I'm like, "where do I even start??" For instance, I started a traveler's notebook about Kevin and my dating days, and I haven't even gotten near finishing it. Waaaah. And I have a terrible memory, so if I don't write something down, I basically forget all the fun details that I thought I would remember. So this is not good. Plus of course there's regular Project Life that I have totally slacked on (I think the last half of 2016 has photos printed, but nothing else) and a wedding album to do, and a honeymoon album to do.... [sigh]. 

The joy is in the journey though, right? [breathe, Heather, breathe] 

So back to my card. I dug around my stash for ANYTHING that would strike inspiration, and this "hello" diecut from my hello heather Here + There collection did the trick. I then had a brilliant card design idea of using a little dashed line stamp and making an ombre effect with the ink. It didn't turn out so ombre, but it's still cute if you ask me. After doing the stamping (I think I used something sitting on my desk as the inspiration for the colors... maybe a washi tape or something), I added the washi strips behind the "hello" and the little gold stars beneath the sentiment. 

Now all I need to do is write someone a note and send this baby out! :)

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