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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Details

I'm back with another wedding post for you! So let's get started! There's going to be a lot of writing, so hope you're ready to read it all! ;)

When I was pinning wedding stuff, I found this photo of a hand lettered sign that I just LOVED. It said "our adventure begins" and I knew I needed to make me one for the wedding. K told me numerous times while we were dating, "Just think of all the adventures we're going to have." (so cute, right?!) I didn't know where I was going to put it, but I knew I wanted in somewhere. This was probably my favorite hand lettered item I made for the wedding. It just went so well. I didn't mess it up and I totally love the outcome of it. 

To make the sign, I bought an old frame at a thrift store, spray painted the frame (with $0.25 spray paint I bought at a yard sale!), painted the backing board with some chalkboard paint we had on hand, and then used a white sharpie posterboard pen (also had on hand) to write on it. Pretty cheap decor if you ask me! :)

Also, the greenery. My mind's eye imagined lots of LIVE greenery at our wedding. At first we were going to try fake ivy, but man that looked WAAAAY fake. I didn't like it. So we priced the real stuff at a local floral warehouse. Turns out it was very cost effective to just buy bundles of silver dollar eucalyptus and seeded eucalyptus and make everything ourselves. Thank goodness my mom used to work at a flower shop and knew what she was doing! 

(right photo was taken by MarLeah.)

Flowers... oh, the flowers. I love flowers so much. The flowers were easily one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding. We had Whole Foods do all the flowers. If you're not familiar with Whole Foods, it's an organic grocery store. I know there's different kinds of these stores across the states. Well, Whole Foods has a GORGEOUS flower section, and Mom and I had read online that they do flower arranging for cost + 20%. Seriously?! It ended up being cost + 30%, but man. They were so affordable and turned out gorgeous. 

My bouquet had dark burgundy garden roses, blush spray roses, red football mums, white ranunculus (!!!!!), ruskus, and baby's breath. (and I have no idea what the leafy red things are... the florist told me, but I don't remember). The bridesmaids' bouquets were all burgundy (which looked just as GORGEOUS with their champagne dresses as I had imagined). I picked out some white lace to wrap the bridesmaids bouquets with and my bouquet had white satin ribbon. 

(this photo was taken by MarLeah... our photographer didn't get a photo like this, and I really like this picture.)

Here's some shots that our photographers got of some details. I love my Keds (more on that later)! Oh, and I designed our invitation. The invites were already pre-foiled and I just designed the typed portion and put them through our printer. I super love the gold glittery envelopes we got to send the invitations out in! I got the sets on clearance at Office Depot. Score!  

The pew ends turned out SO. Perfect. I wanted simplistic, elegant, and rustic. I think we achieved that. ;)

Here's the guest book table. I also had a clipboard on the table with pages that the guests could sign. That didn't make it into the photo for some reason. The gold frame with the see-through "Heather & Kevin" was from the thrift store. I bought two frames-- one didn't have a glass in it, but I liked the look of it. So I bought another one that had a glass in it so I could just switch it out. But turns out the frame that I liked was an odd shape and I had to get the glass trimmed to fit. Thankfully Hobby Lobby does stuff like that and I think it was only $1.00 to get it trimmed! Yay! 

The cakes. Oh, the cakes. If I had it to do over again, we would NOT do the cakes ourselves. WAY too much work and then half of them fell apart (I"m not kidding). Thank goodness there were still enough good cakes to make the wedding cake! :) The wedding cake topper is from Alexis Mattox Design and I just LOVE it! I think it was just perfect. :)

Mom made her amazing chocolate cake for the groom's cake (K loved chocolate!!) and she should have made more-- everyone loved the chocolate cake! 

I cut out about 200 hearts to make these heart strands for the backdrop behind the wedding cake. Turns out I made probably 100 too many-- we only used part of the strands that I had made! Oh well, valentine's day decor, coming right up! 

And our reception table settings... 

I bought the gold doilies off of etsy, and I just love the elegance it brought to the tables. Also if I were to do it over again, I'd probably use more eucalyptus on the tables... it looked a little sparse. BUT we stayed in budget. That's all that matters. LOL

One of the very first things we made for the wedding-- confetti!! We bought a confetti punch and a few small heart punches and MADE the confetti. Yes, we punched every single piece. Then we mixed the paper pieces with some tissue circles that we bought on clearance at Michael's and that helped stretch the confetti a bit. The tissue also made for a fantastic fluttery feel that was... perfect. Can't say "perfect" enough. Also, my blank chalkboard sign here... totally forgot my chalkboard pen at home and didn't get to write on it. Oh well! I think people knew what the confetti was for. :) 

Lastly, the kids table!! I knew there would be a lot of kids at the wedding, so I designed some coloring pages and then put crayons and also little packets of mini m&m's on the kraft-covered tables. 

I hope you've enjoyed this Wedding Wednesday post! Let me know what your favorite part of this post was. Do you like all the text explaining the photos? I'm just saying'-- it's a lot to type out! LOL

All photos unless stated otherwise are from Katie and Alec Photography


MJ's Kraze said...

Great post. I love all the words and I can't wait to hear about those cute keds.

GLOANN said...

Your wedding was beautiful, so sweet and perfect as far as I could see. Loved getting to be there. The reception tables were gorgeous and food was so yummy.