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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Overview

Hi everyone! Ever since we got our wedding photos back from our photographers, I have wanted to share some details of our big day. So, from now until whenever, each Wednesday I'll be sharing some photos and stories from our wedding.

 Today is just an overview of some of my favorite photos. All photos were taken by Katie & Alec Photography. Katie and Alec did a phenomenal job on our photos and were super easy to work with. The photography was one of the things I was totally stressing out about because you never know if you're actually getting a good photographer or not! Thankfully, we had an awesome experience. Couldn't have asked for better people to work with. 

Getting ready... :)

I had seen some photos on Pinterest of the bride inside the chapel with the beautiful natural light streaming through the window, and Katie happily obliged in getting some similar shots before the ceremony. The chapel we got married in was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. There's a photo later where you can see some of its beauty. 

I loved the bridesmaids dresses we found. I think they looked stunning on all the girls and I'm so happy that Laura, Mecia, MarLeah, and Katelyn got to stand up with me! I'll share more on the journey to find the dresses later.

My handsome groom and his groomsmen! :) I thought they all looked mighty fine in their wedding duds! ;P

I absolutely LOVE this photo that our photographers got during the ceremony. I love picking people out of the crowd. Also, I just love the beauty of the church we chose. It was over 100 years old and had so many beautiful architectural details!

Callen, the sign holder (they said he tip toed all the way down the aisle! :P) and Caroline, our flower girl! Callen just kills me with his little tuxedo!! 

First look (awwww, Kevin!!). And then Kevin carried me out of the ceremony! And he didn't trip or drop me! Yay! 

A couple of couple's portraits. We got to drive away from the wedding in a 2016 Corvette. All the heart eyes for that awesome car!!

Probably my favorite photo of all. We had a confetti sendoff and wow, was it pretty! Plus this photo?? Totally worth all of that hand punching of cardstock to make all of those packets (yes, we made all of the confetti!).

I'll be back next Wednesday with another Wedding Wednesday post! Keep your eye out for it! 

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Mecia said...

Hey girl!! I just love all of these wedding photos. And I loved your wedding. And I loved getting to watch you get married. And I loved being your bridesmaid. And I loved seeing you so happy and excited!:) Your confetti send off really was the icing on the cake.....when it was happening I thought "aw, this is SO Heather and she is going to love the pictures of this".:)