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Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

It's my favorite holiday of the year! And this year I actually have a sweetheart to spend it with! 
How awesome is that?! 

I made some valentines for my girlfriends this year. I LOVE sending little love notes like this, and like I've said before, it doesn't seem as weird sending "love ya" notes at this time of the year since it's already a lovey dovey holiday. Yay! 

(Plus I had just bought some new valentine products and needed to justify to myself that I bought them for a reason. lol) 

I designed parts of these while in the hotel room (heehee), but then ya know... you can't really finish them till you add stitching to them at home. So I finished them when I was home last time and now they're ready to send out! 

To make these, I was totally inspired by Lisa Spangler's post on the Studio Calico blog where she watercolored the backgrounds of her cards and then embellished them with the Heart Day sticker sheet from Crate Paper. For my cards, I used mostly the Heart Day sticker sheet and also the diecut pack. I am usually a sucker for paper, but man-- embellishments are super fun to play with! 

I think the machine stitching adds the perfect amount of texture to the card. These are flat cards, so on the ones that I stitched on, I glued a piece of pink cardstock to the back. I tried to keep these cards textured, but relatively flat since I would be mailing them in envelopes. I'm always scared when I send off a really dimensional card because I don't want it to get caught in the machines at the post office. So that's why I wanted to keep these thin. 

This background is probably my fave. All the colors blobbed together is just so pretty, in my opinion. 

Which one is your fave? I like all of them for different reasons, so it'd be hard to pick just one. ;) 

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!  

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