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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Reception + Exit

Oops-- I'm late a day! I didn't have this post scheduled, so I didn't get it up in time for Wedding Wednesday yesterday. Sooooo you just get to see it on Thursday!

This photo of K. How cute, right? That smile. He's just so handsome. Ok, sorry. I'll stop. lol

I love Laura. I love this photo of us. We hugged and I tried hard not to cry because all I could think about is how I'm going to MISS HER. And I do. I miss her bunches. 
I really LOVE that our photographers took pictures of our receiving line. I really love seeing photos of the people who came. 
Our reception seemed rather short... probably because most of the post-wedding time was spent taking photos. BUT, we did get to actually eat the meal that was served after the wedding, and it was sooooo good. My mom had spent so much time on preparing the food and making sure everything was going to turn out perfectly. For our meal, we made this chicken recipe (grilled and marinated. SO good.). Then for sides, we had Kevin's family's recipe for swiss green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, and hot rolls. It turned out wonderful. I seriously wish I had a photo of the food. It was amazing. Just ask anyone who was at the wedding. And I'm not just saying that. 

The cake tasted SO good, too. I super love the way our cakes turned out and I also super love that KEVIN DIDN'T SMEAR CAKE IN MY FACE when he fed me. My dad would have probably tackled Kevin if he would have done that. My parents/ grandparents feel very strongly about the whole don't-smear-cake-on-your-new-spouse's-face thing. And I totally agree. I had told Kevin before the wedding that I didn't want him doing that, and thankfully he listened! Whew!

Confetti!!!!! I totally loved our confetti exit. This is another cute photo from that moment. 

One of the huge "fun" items on our wedding day was getting to drive off from the reception in this beauty! It's a 2016 Corvette! Kevin was so excited!

In case you didn't know, my dad is a Chevrolet mechanic (He's a GOOD one, not one of those that puts a bunch of parts on and it still doesn't fix your car. He's very talented.). So my did has connections with "cool" cars. The man that owns this corvette owns lots of sports cars and dad works for him from time to time. He had told dad that either it would be a red 2006 (or 2008, I can't remember) corvette or a brand new 2016 corvette. Ended up he brought the new one and BOY was that amazing!!!! Kevin looks back now and says, "why didn't we drive that car further?" (We met up with mom and dad down the road so we could switch to Kevin's car to go to the airport with.) And Kevin was good and didn't do a burn out when we were leaving-- the guy who brought the car was staying around, so we didn't want to make him mad by burning up his new car's tires! 

And that was the end of our wedding day! [sigh] It was a wonderful day. I love looking back on the photos and reminiscing because everything was so awesome. I'll be back next week (yes, I'll make sure it's on time this time) for one last recap of our special day. Stay tuned! :)

All photos taken by Katie & Alec Photography.

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GLOANN said...

Yes, the food was simply delicious and like the wedding itself, the reception hall was decorated beautifully. I especially loved that Swiss Grean Bean Casserole. Don't really care for regular Green Bean Casserole, but that one was so good! And I loved the way the cakes were arranged on those stumps. Beautiful!