Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Overview

Hi everyone! Ever since we got our wedding photos back from our photographers, I have wanted to share some details of our big day. So, from now until whenever, each Wednesday I'll be sharing some photos and stories from our wedding.

 Today is just an overview of some of my favorite photos. All photos were taken by Katie & Alec Photography. Katie and Alec did a phenomenal job on our photos and were super easy to work with. The photography was one of the things I was totally stressing out about because you never know if you're actually getting a good photographer or not! Thankfully, we had an awesome experience. Couldn't have asked for better people to work with. 

Getting ready... :)

I had seen some photos on Pinterest of the bride inside the chapel with the beautiful natural light streaming through the window, and Katie happily obliged in getting some similar shots before the ceremony. The chapel we got married in was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. There's a photo later where you can see some of its beauty. 

I loved the bridesmaids dresses we found. I think they looked stunning on all the girls and I'm so happy that Laura, Mecia, MarLeah, and Katelyn got to stand up with me! I'll share more on the journey to find the dresses later.

My handsome groom and his groomsmen! :) I thought they all looked mighty fine in their wedding duds! ;P

I absolutely LOVE this photo that our photographers got during the ceremony. I love picking people out of the crowd. Also, I just love the beauty of the church we chose. It was over 100 years old and had so many beautiful architectural details!

Callen, the sign holder (they said he tip toed all the way down the aisle! :P) and Caroline, our flower girl! Callen just kills me with his little tuxedo!! 

First look (awwww, Kevin!!). And then Kevin carried me out of the ceremony! And he didn't trip or drop me! Yay! 

A couple of couple's portraits. We got to drive away from the wedding in a 2016 Corvette. All the heart eyes for that awesome car!!

Probably my favorite photo of all. We had a confetti sendoff and wow, was it pretty! Plus this photo?? Totally worth all of that hand punching of cardstock to make all of those packets (yes, we made all of the confetti!).

I'll be back next Wednesday with another Wedding Wednesday post! Keep your eye out for it! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello Card

I'm back again with a card that I made the other week. Lately, inspiration hasn't been my friend and that's totally not a good thing because I have so many projects swimming around in my head!

I remember the days when I just wanted PICTURES and MEMORIES to scrapbook. I remember asking people for photos or having specific photo shoots just so I could have photos to scrap. Now, it's quite the opposite. I'm like, "where do I even start??" For instance, I started a traveler's notebook about Kevin and my dating days, and I haven't even gotten near finishing it. Waaaah. And I have a terrible memory, so if I don't write something down, I basically forget all the fun details that I thought I would remember. So this is not good. Plus of course there's regular Project Life that I have totally slacked on (I think the last half of 2016 has photos printed, but nothing else) and a wedding album to do, and a honeymoon album to do.... [sigh]. 

The joy is in the journey though, right? [breathe, Heather, breathe] 

So back to my card. I dug around my stash for ANYTHING that would strike inspiration, and this "hello" diecut from my hello heather Here + There collection did the trick. I then had a brilliant card design idea of using a little dashed line stamp and making an ombre effect with the ink. It didn't turn out so ombre, but it's still cute if you ask me. After doing the stamping (I think I used something sitting on my desk as the inspiration for the colors... maybe a washi tape or something), I added the washi strips behind the "hello" and the little gold stars beneath the sentiment. 

Now all I need to do is write someone a note and send this baby out! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year, New Look

If you haven't noticed yet, I've been playing around with the look of my blog. I've always wanted a chic and sleek layout to my blog and never been able to achieve that until now. I've been playing with different things and I'm happy to introduce the "new"! 

Psssst... also my new header is a sneaky peek of my new collection with PLS. ;) I've been working on that this week, and I just HAD to include some of the florals in my header. I need to redo my writing in my header, but this will do for now. 

See you next week! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Awesome + Happy

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

One of my "goals" for this year (I'm not going to call it a resolution because I feel like that's too much is to share more of my work. On here, on Instagram, etc. Trying to get myself out there a little bit more and eventually promote the hello heather brand more. 

Since last October, when my term with me & my BIG ideas ran out, I have felt like I have had no guidance in my creating. I've been on design teams for years now and always had assignments to do, so that kind of helped me create stuff and share it. I don't feel like I have much direction with my creating anymore. YES, it's totally fun to create for myself, but I'm discovering more that I liked that motivation behind being on design teams. 

Now that I'm typing this, a couple of things are coming to mind that are hopefully coming to fruition this year (really exciting things, y'all). And that's making me happy. :) In addition to these secret, exciting things (I know, that's so mean, right??), I am set to have 3 collections come out this year in partnership with Pretty Little Studio. So maybe I do have a little bit of direction. I'm wanting to create more with my collections as well. I mean, my Summer Vibes collection is practically PERFECT for our Cancun honeymoon photos! 

So on to the layout. I started making this layout while we were still at home for Christmas break. But I didn't have time to finish it (hello, I haven't even used my new sewing machine yet! :O). So I brought this page with me when we left this tour (that's what Kevin's job terms are called). Of course I have a lot more time to work on scrapbooking stuff when it's just me sitting around in the hotel room, so I finished this layout the other day. If I were to do this page over, I'd probably do some white painting under the title and maybe add some machine stitching in different places. But I'm not changing it now. :) 

I do like how this layout turned out. The photos are from when K & I went back to Alabama for Christmas and Laura and I took a little sisters' shopping trip. I love that girl. <3 I got to ride in her new car while we were there, too! FUN! Laura's just adorable. I miss her a lot. It kind of blows my mind thinking that she graduates this May (whaaaaaaa??). When we were on the phone the other day, she told me she had accepted her scholarship to UAH and so that's a big thing. Kind of hurts my heart knowing she's growing up and I'm not there. But we do talk on the phone a lot. That helps. :) 

So I'm realizing that my blog post is just getting longer and longer and I haven't said that much about the page. Oh well. The short version:

My friend Katie had sent me this polaroid stamp a while back and I stamped it on several Paige Evans "Take Me Away" 6x6 papers and then cut out each shape. I used a mix of embellishments on this page. I did remember to bring my black mist with me this time, so I don't feel so lost now when I make pages. 

Alright, I'll stop jabbering. Do you even read these long posts? If you do, leave me a comment! I've noticed I've gotten a lot of blog traffic lately, but no commenting. So please leave me a little comment telling me you're out there! :) 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas JOY 2016

I don't have any projects to share at the moment, so I thought I'd sift through some Christmas photos that I took with my "big" camera and post them! :) 

Since I travel with K, we literally brought all the gifts home on Thursday night and needed them all wrapped by Sunday afternoon. And I've found that when we are home, we don't get much done. Mostly all of Kevin's family lives around where we do, so there's always people to go visit/ hang out with when we are home (aka our new niece!). Stuff doesn't get done NEAR as fast as I'm used to because we're just relaxing and enjoying being at home. I told Kevin, ya know, on people's days off, they go on vacation. On our days off, we go home. :P I guess that's what happens when you live on the road. I'm still trying to adjust myself to this schedule. It's so different because you don't really have weekends. K works the weekend, so it's just 10 solid days of shopping, meal planning, grocery shopping, and staying in a hotel room. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing... I've just got to get used to it all. We recently bought a camper though, and we're hoping to fix it up the next time we're home so we can take it on the road and have a "home away from home." 

I'm rambling.

Anyways. Back to Christmas. It took me forever, but I got all the wrapping done (I like taking my time with it because it's one of my favorite parts about Christmas.), but I love how they all turned out. 

I've always dreamed of getting to use real pine branches on my gift packaging. And we just so happen to have a big (REAL) Christmas tree in our front yard, so I had K cut off a couple of branches for me to use in decorating and on the gifts. I didn't realize how pokey those needles are!!!

No garland, just real pine branches. Yay!! 

My favorite spot in the house. Our mantle. :)

When we were getting groceries at Walmart on our way home for Christmas, I found these daisies for $3 in the floral section. And K so kindly bought them for me. :) I love fresh flowers, and even more so when I know they didn't cost much! I told Kevin he could just buy me bouquets from Walmart or Whole Foods (they have BEAUTIFUL flowers... they also did the flowers for our wedding! Pics coming soon!). He doesn't have to spend the $$$$ that he did when we were dating. These $3 ones make me just as happy. I set them on our dining room table and they looked so pretty sitting there. :) 

Oh- and we also got some SNOW after Christmas! K had a sick bug that day :( so I traipsed outside by myself to snap a few photos. But, I was a little late and it was already melting because the sun was out. Wah. I'll know to go out earlier if I want better photos next time. It was still fun seeing our little town covered in snow. 

How was your Christmas? I hope it was filled with JOY (one of my favorite words around this time of year). See ya soon! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Week Planner Spread

I love Christmas. The gift buying, the wrapping, the music, the decorations, the reason for the season-- it all make me happy inside. :) I'm so excited for Kevin and my first Christmas together as well. Have I said I'm excited? 

Here's my planner pages in my HAPPY PLANNER™ this week. I had several different things I wanted to get done this week, so this came in handy and kept me organized. Sometimes I don't get stuff done on the day I have it listed, but I usually manage to get those things done later in the week. It's all about having it visually laid out so I can see it. 

I kept the colors red and green for this week, since HELLO? It's Christmas!!

If I don't "see" you again, I hope you have a MERRY Christmas! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So Much Fun

I'm back with another scrapbook layout I made in the hotel room! ;) 

At first, I was totally overwhelmed thinking that I had this and that at home that I was wanting to use on this page. Namely some black mist and sewing machine (I actually don't have a sewing machine at all--- waaaaah!). I just thought my page wouldn't look good at all if I didn't use the elements I normally use. But I was wrong. I finally relaxed and just had some fun making this page. And ya know what? I think it turned out perfectly. I won't add anything else to it, and I like it just the way it is right now. :) I guess contentment is a choice, right? 

I used the same collection that I used on the previously posted layout: the Gather collection by Maggie Holmes. I love that this collection kinda has a "fall" vibe, and I think it goes very well with the photo. 

I needed to add some texture, so I used some itty bitty white sequins from my Holly Jolly collection (they're only $0.99!!) to add just a little something extra to the little banners. 

I really want to hang this layout up in our house somewhere. I just might do that when we get home. :) Tomorrow we get to go home for 12 days!!!! We are SO excited. This will be the longest time we have stayed at OUR house since we've been married. Laura (my sister) is coming up after Christmas, too, so we are going to totally ENJOY being home. Yay!