Saturday, September 30, 2017

Traveler's Notebook: Obsessed {pls}

Guys! I have a new project up on the Pretty Little Studio blog today! It's documenting my obsession with peonies. :)

You can check out the entire blog post on the PLS blog HERE! :)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Life Update!

Wow, it's been a while. And life is now officially crazy. Haha.

What's happened to me, you might ask. Well, lots of things. Here's a short rundown of what's going on in the Doolittle house.

(our cute little "mint chocolate chip house" in town)

1. We moved and are about to move again. We now live in western Ohio. We moved here about two months ago. Kevin and I really wanted to get off of the road, and we felt like God wanted us to take it by faith. It's a little tricky finding a job when you're not home to look around/ interview (plus where we live in WV, jobs are scarce because of just the location), so we were elated when Kevin got an interview for a job near home. Everything was looking up, so we gave in our notice at his road job and headed for home. Well, we got home and didn't hear anything from the interview. :( It just so happened that Melvin (Kevin's brother who lives in Ohio) got Kevin an interview at the place he works, and long story short, Kevin ended up getting that job. So we packed up all of our belongings and took off to Ohio! And here we are! What's crazy is that the job back in WV ended up calling back like a MONTH after the interview to tell Kevin he had the job. Seriously?! It was just a little too late. I think overall the job Kevin has now is a better job though. And I feel like we are supposed to be here. I really love it here.

We still have a house in WV that we are trying to sell, and we are in a rent house for the moment (the cutest little rent house too, I might add!). But hopefully we are buying a house soon! We have a contract on a small house in the country that has 5 acres and hopefully we can close on it soon!

2. I have a full-time job now. I got a job about a month ago at the same place Kevin works. It's not the most fun job, but hey-- the paycheck comes in handy when you have two big house payments! :O At the moment, I work first shift and Kevin works second shift, so I have hardly seen him for the past month that I've been working. :( That's supposed to be changing next week, we we're excited!

(my newest class at Big Picture Classes- Floral Fantasy!)

3. I have a new card class up at Big Picture Classes! It's called Floral Fantasy, and it's allllllll about using floral elements in your card making! Check it out HERE. You can always start a free trial to try out the class!

4. More scrappy news- I'm guest designing for Studio Calico in October, so be sure to check back to see those projects! I'll either share all of the projects in one post or I will spread them all throughout the month. We'll see. I'm so excited though! The planner kit for October is AMAZING.

4. I just completed my SIXTH collection with Pretty Little Studio. Sometimes I step back and amazed I have this awesome opportunity of creating collections with PLS! I think this collection will release in December or January. It's a Valentine-themed collection and probably my favorite collection I've designed (actually my favorite would be either this one or the Beautiful Day collection we released this year... it's a hard choice).

(I LOVE DAHLIAS. Ok I'll stop yelling.)

5. I'm loving fresh flowers from our farmer's markets. I can't wait to grow my own flower garden one day, but until then, I'll enjoy the fruits of someone else's labors. ;)

(Us at MarLeah and Tyrel's wedding! We're coming up on being married a year soon! :) )

Ok so I think that's all of the basics! I would say I'll be back, but who knows. Seems like time off is now spent doing laundry and dishes. All the fun household things! It's life now. :) And it's ok!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

PRE-ORDER Feels Like Fall!

GUYS!! Guess what?! My newest collection "Feels Like Fall" is available for pre-order! This is a smaller collection that others that I've done before, but I still love how it turned out! I definitely love making my collections theme-y, but still useable for everyday projects, so this line is perfect for documenting your fall adventures or your everyday memories! 

Check it out HERE! Yay! Let me know what your favorite products of the line is! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Definition of a Perfect Day {pls}

Hey y'all! 

I have a new layout up on the Pretty Little Studio blog using my Beautiful Day collection! I just love using this collection for everyday themed projects. It's even good for fish photos! LOL I had to scrap this photo because I think on this particular fishing trip, I caught a bigger fish than Kevin. He outfished me, but I caught the bigger bass. ;) Good times, good times. 

If you'd like to see more of this layout, click HERE. :)  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beautiful Day Unboxing Video

I finally got around to creating an unboxing video of my most recent collection with Pretty Little Studio: Beautiful Day! I'm so excited to share all of the fun products this go-around. There's a few new things that we haven't included in the collections before, so be sure to check out the entire line HERE in the Pretty Little Studio shop. 

And click HERE to see the unboxing video! I'll be back soon with a round-up of some awesome projects that were created with this collection! :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

XO Layout

Do you watch scrappy Youtube videos? I love them. I watch them a lot. One of my favorites is Adele from Inkie Quill. Her videos are so pretty, for one, and I love how she lets her personality shine through her voiceovers (and her laughing isn't loud and obnoxious like some are!!). I thought I'd channel my "inner-Adele" and make a layout kind of in her style.

It all started out when I wanted to make something paint-y the other day. I had bought some turquoise Dina Wakely paint for Hobby Lobby. I bought it because of Adele, too. She used it in one of her videos and I thought it was the most GORGEOUS shade of blue. And I found it at Hobby Lobby! So I wanted to use my new paint, and so I swashed some on a piece of cardstock, thinking I'd layer some different paints and stamps. But when I started, I remembered the reason I don't play with paint that often: I HATE the drying time! Seriously! It's so frustrating waiting for the layers to dry before you can add more to that page. Yes, you can use a heat tool, but I left mine with Mom since she probably uses it more than I do. 

Anyways, I ended my artsy endeavors at 4 different layers. Haha. I mixed old products with some new goodies that I have recently purchased to embellish the page. I'm really pleased with how this layout turned out! I even added some word stickers and tiny wood veneer like Adele does on so many of her pages! It was kinda fun doing something different and not normally my style! 

Have you ever tried making a project channeling another papercrafter's style? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kittens & Ice Cream {pls}

I'm really excited to share this new layout that I made with my Beautiful Day collection! This is the very first layout that I created in our new home. Yay! It was quite fun to make the other day. I just love creating. I've said this before, but scrapbooking/creating is such a therapy for me. 

For me, starting out is always the hardest part so I began with picking out some journaling cards to use on a scrapbook layout. I like perimeters, so I made a little "challenge" to myself to use some journaling cards on a project other than a pocket page spread. I had a lot of fun doing it too! 

As always, you can check out the full blog post on the Pretty Little Studio blog HERE. :) 

Happy weekend!