Saturday, April 22, 2017

Card Process Video: Elle's Studio Live Laugh Love

So it's been forever and a day since I've made a process video, but I just uploaded a short one yesterday! I made this card in the video: 

I recently bought some of the Elle's Studio Live Laugh Love collection and was so excited to use it-- so I made a quick card with it. I love the colors in this new collection-- I'm not used to using purple, but I kinda like it! :) 

If you're interested in watching my process on how I made this card, you can view it here: 

And if that doesn't work for you somehow, HERE is the direct link to the video on YouTube. 
Happy Saturday! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sweet Memories

Hello! It seems like it's been forever since I've posted! I haven't been making much, but maybe saying that will kick me into gear and I can crank out some projects. :) 

We are now on the road staying in our camper! Yay! It's been a lot of work getting here... but that's another story for another day. The point of me mentioning that is I like it a lot. We have our "own" space. I can spread my scrapbook stuff everywhere if I want. I can cook on an actual stove (although I'm still kinda scared of it because it's gas and I'm afraid I'll burn everything). I can CLEAN my own "house." It seems like this is going to work a lot better than living in a hotel for 10 days at a time. 

So here's a layout that I made a while back and just haven't shared! 

I love me some floral patterned paper. I have been going back through my stash and have found SO many pretty patterns to cut out! This Paper No. 10 from Paige Evans' Take Me Away collection was just screaming to be used! So, while chatting with my mom one morning, I cut out several of these floral clusters. 

I decided to make a focal point with the floral clusters. I did some layering behind my photo, added a splash of yellow watercolor on my background, and ran with it! Currently I'm obsessed with black and white photos. I think they just stand out so well on colorful layouts. :) 

So here's to using up more of my stash and hopefully sharing more here too! 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Palm Leaves Layout + Card {pls}


I have a new post on the Pretty Little Studio blog! I'm sharing this layout: 

I'm semi-obsessed with the palm leaf trend. Like. Seriously. LOVE these little shapes that seem to be popping up everywhere. I had this idea to cut out a lot of these palm leaves and layer them on a scrapbook page (of course with a photo of Cancun!). I like that if you look at the layout at an angle, you can see the patterns underneath some of the layered leaves. 

And since I had some leftover diecuts, I went ahead and made a card too! I love how this one turned out too. 

If you're interested in seeing more of my process for making this layout and card (and a full supply list!), check out the Pretty Little Studio blog post HERE! Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Watercolor Floral Cards

Lately I've loved trying my hand at watercoloring some florals. I'm by no means an expert at ALL, but I do love the outcome of this particular set:

I only have one nicer set of watercolors (I have the Kurataki Gansai Tambi watercolor set on my wishlist) and so I don't have a lot of color options for painting right now. 

I basically copied some watercolor paintings from @papergirlte on Instagram. For me, when I'm trying something new, it's easiest to just imitate someone else's work until I get the feel of what I'm doing.  

I think these turned out pretty well considering that I don't usually watercolor florals. I need to stop by a Michael's or Hobby Lobby and grab a finer brush so I can paint those stems smaller. On my to do list! I'm eager to paint some more-- watercolor is my favorite medium to use. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Love You More

I miss my home. 

My home in West Virginia.

Scrapbooking isn't the same in a hotel room.

I am way more inspired when I'm in my scrap room at home, surrounded by all the pretty paper that makes me so happy. 

I can't wait to be home. Or, actually. I just want a stable place to stay. I think I'll be happy when we start taking our camper out on jobs (which should be this next tour!! Eeeee!). 

I say all of that because when I look a this layout, all I can see is how much I struggled on this page. Sometimes I want to give up all scrapbooking because I just struggle so much nowadays to make something I like. But then I remember how much happiness pretty paper brings to me, and then I realize it's such a therapy for me. Maybe I'm typing all this out to tell myself to enjoy the process. Process, process, process. Heather, enjoy the process. 

This isn't my favorite page I've ever made, but anyways. I guess they all can't be your faves. :P

That's all for now, folks. Hopefully I'll have some fun new projects (that I like and enjoy making) to share with you soon! :)

Monday, April 3, 2017

So Happy

Hi everyone!

I'm back with another layout that I've made using some new products that I've recently purchased!

The other week Paper Issues had an online crop in their Facebook group, so I played along and made some projects for some of the challenges. 

This particular page was created for the fussy cutting challenge. This Cultivate Joy paper from Shimelle's new Little by Little line is so pretty. The florals are just begging to be cut out. So that's just what I did! That yellow striped pattern on the left is also from that same paper-- just the opposite side of it. It took a lot in me to use that yellow side when I KNEW I could keep it and cut out more florals from the other side. But I did it! The yellow with the florals was such a perfect combination that I had to do it. 

The "so happy" title phrase thicker is from Paige Evans' Fancy Free line from last year. I just bought those thickers from Tuesday Morning and really loved the silver color of the glitter! Usually I'm a gold kind of girl, but this light silver is a close second. It's so bright and fresh! 

Using up some older stash as well-- that kraft tag behind the photo is from the Amy Tangerine Rise and Shine collection. I also used some bits and pieces of Amy's Better Together line on this page as well. 

Is there a paper that you can't bring yourself to use both sides of because you just LOVE one of the sides? I'd love to know! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PLS: Bonjour Card

I'm back with project #2 for this month for Pretty Little Studio! 

I've just been on a card making streak, so why not just continue it?! I love using lots of patterned papers on my projects, and this card was no exception! I just love paper. <3

If you want to see more about this card, click HERE to view the full post that was live on the Pretty Little Studio blog yesterday. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Refound Faves: Open Book

Today I'm sharing my FAVORITE layout that I made for this Refound Faves series! It's funny... this collection isn't really one of my favorites (if there was WHITE instead of off-white in this collection, I'd probably like it more... anyone else not like off-white in scrapbooking products??), but the page that came from using this collection is one of my FAVORITE layouts! 

I think I used this collection because I have a LOT of it leftover. Like, I have the 6x6 paper pad (most of it) plus the almost-untouched sticker sheet and chipboard sheet. There's a LOT left. I do still like it though. I mean, vintage florals? C'mon. You can't get rid of those! 

So here's my layout I made with this collection:

This page started out as total blah. I hated where it was going, and changed my idea half way through. Originally, I was going to just layer strips of patterned paper (all from he 6x6 paper pad) horizontally all down the page, but I HATED how it looked. I had already cut the papers, so I changed routes and decided to layer all the papers that I had already cut behind the diecut negative of the word "love". So it kind of grew from there. I machine stitched around all the letters in the "love", which adds such perfect texture to the page. 

That paint behind the photo cluster is supposed to be metallic gold, however it's showing up a little dark in these photos. 

I think these butterflies floating on the page make this layout PERFECT. I like that they add some movement to the otherwise blocky-designed page. 

But seriously. This is my favorite layout that I created for this series. And I like ALL of them that I made. :) Which one was your favorite? 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Project Life: 2017 (January and February)

Hey y'all! I'm finally sharing my 2017 Project Life plans with you today! They're long overdue, I know. I mean, this is the end of MARCH! Anyways. Better late than never. :)

This year I'm going waaaaay more simple than in years past. This is a big change for me, but I'll explain why. 

First of all, I love Project Life. If there were no Project Life, I would have no place to put my everyday photos of good deals I find or those oh-so-important (said sarcastically) snapshots of my Dunkin'. I have done PL in 2013, 2015, 2016, and now 2017. All of my past albums are complete except last year's. I'm going to say that last year's album is 2/3 of the way done. And that is part of the reason I'm going simple this year. I HATE being behind on projects. If I would have started documenting this year in the same creative way that I have in years past, I would be SO behind. There's a lot of thinking that goes into considering page designs or which photos need to be what size-- much less the actual creative process of documenting. It wasn't going to happen. 

So here's what I'm doing.

I'm using a black 6x8 Handbook from Studio Calico. I have had it for... maybe 2-3 years. I've kept it in the package, so it's a new album. 

Here's my intro page-- the only part of this album that will look this decorative. I used the January Citrus Twist Pocket Life kit "Oliver" to make this page. There were a lot of new year themed products in the kit, so I used some of those on this page. 

Annnnnnd here's what my album is looking like this year.

I'm using the app called Collect to add the text and date to the photos on my iPhone (I usually only use my iPhone for PL photos). The images that the app exports don't look high quality, but when they're 3x4's like this, I think I can handle it. :) I like that the app knows the date of the photos so I don't have to go back and add that to all my photos! I like having the date visible on the photo cards so that in the future, I won't have to guess.

I'm going to print my photos probably mostly at Walmart. And that is because of the convenience. I love using better quality photo places like Persnickety Prints, but I can't bear paying like twice as much per photo PLUS paying shipping. I don't really like the quality of Walmart photos, but alas. I'm too cheap to do anything else right now since with Project Life, you print like 20 photos a month. That can add up quickly of it's $0.30 a photo!

I'm liking how simple it all is. I will add in filler cards as needed, but probably not much journaling as that is on the photos. 

Finally used up this Studio Calico card! Yay! 

I was really torn to begin with when I thought that I wouldn't get to be creative with this album. I REALLY love working on my Project Life pages. But then again sometimes when I do it year-to-year, I feel like my pages start looking the same. This time it'll be something different! I really wanted to document Kevin's and my first year of marriage. This way I get to do that! Plus I have comforted myself knowing that I still have that 2/3 of last year's album to work on. I can have some creative fun with that. :) 

Overall, I love the simplicity of it all. It's growing on me. ;)

What are your plans for documenting this year? Do you do Project Life?