Thursday, May 25, 2017

Things I Love -Traveler's Notebook Spread-

I tried my hand at the Traveler's Notebook trend! I'm still not sure about it. I feel like I'm starting all over again and I want to trash most of my pages. C'est la vie. I do love this page though (that's why I'm sharing it- haha!). 

I think I love the simple color palette. It works well on the smaller scale page. I really wanted to start a literal traveler's journal and document all the little adventures we're having in Minnesota, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Hmm. Don't know if it will happen. What can I say? I'm turning into a crafty slacker. Instead of the "Crafty Scrapbooker," I can be the "Crafty Slacker!" Haha! 

Have you tried out a Traveler's Notebook yet? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Project Life: Faves

Hello! Hopefully I'm back to my 2x a week posting! I have a lot to share! 

This Project Life spread was one of the projects I made on (inter)National Scrapbooking Day, which was a little over two weeks ago. I had a lot of fun that day- Kevin had to work (which worked out well), so I had alllllll day craft my little heart away! And I did just that! It was so much fun. I entered into some challenges, and while I won't enumerate all the challenges (I don't think that really makes a difference), I will still share my projects with you from that day! Yay!

I'm catching up on my 2016 Project Life album still. I'm kinda stringing it out because once I finish it, I won't have any more PL pages to make (since I'm doing a different system this year). I'm taking my time and enjoying the process. What's so great is when I go back through the photos while I'm creating the spreads, it's like a rush of memories come back and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) 

So now saying that, I have to share one of the stories on this page. The photo of the roses/ the black and white photo of Kevin and me. He was taking me out to dinner at The Melting Pot (if you've never been there, it's definitely worth a visit. The first visit is the best because it's all new to you!). On the way to the restaurant, we passed the Whole Foods where we were going to be getting our flowers done for the wedding, and I made a passing comment on loving/ wanting some flowers. Kevin is definitely the person that if you mention something, he will make sure you don't get it. Not in a bad way though! He'll surprise you later. 

So we arrived at the Melting Pot and as we were being seated, he asked the hostess if they had any roses. Usually you have to pre-order them and they bring them to your table. Awww! So he got me some roses! It was such a sweet surprise! He's super adorable like that. ;)

Ok I'll stop being sappy. Here's the page:

I don't know if you can tell in this photo, but it reads "'We've had too much Dunkin' said no one ever." The 'said no one ever' is in tiny letters under the quote lines. It's an older Studio Calico card I thought I'd use up. I think that saying is quite true. Love me some Dunkin. Although up here in Minnesota, there aren'y many!

I tried to add some scrapbooking embellishments to this page. Trying to use up some of my stash. 

Hope you enjoyed this longer post today! I'll be back with another post sometime this week! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Butterflies

As in the last post, here's another layout where I fussycut a LOT to make this page. 

This time I used the butterfly paper from Maggie Holmes' new line Chasing Dreams. At first I didn't like the whole butterfly trend, but it's growing on me! I really love how this page turned out. While the butterflies have NOTHING to do with the photo (I really could have used the Oasis collection and been better off matching the theme since this photo was taken at the beach), I still love how this turned out. 

This was definitely a page I struggled a lot with though. I made the watercolor background, and then instantly hated it. It just hadn't turned out like I had wanted. But then I left it alone and when I came back to it, I challenged myself to use it. I hate wasting things-- even if it's one piece of white cardstock! So I went ahead and built my layout on top of the watercolored paper and ended up loving the result! 

I stitched down the middle of all of the butterflies so that the edges of the wings flap up a little. 

I still have so many new things to use-- I think this was the first page that I made with the Chasing Dreams collection and I've had it since it first came out in February! I guess we should make a saying: "So many pretty scrapbooking products, so little time to use them." ;)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Smile- (This Is) The Good Life

Happy Friday again, I suppose? My last post was on a Friday as well... I'm not doing too good with this blogging thing as of late.

But anyways. Here's a layout I made a couple of weeks ago. I fussy cut all of these florals out of a patterned paper from the Oh My Heart collection from Paige Evans/ Pink Paislee. I had been DYING to do this after I've seen so many others do the same thing. Cutting out all of those flowers was an awesome last to do while chatting away with my mom on the phone! I actually enjoyed cutting all of them out. 

I kept this layout uber-simple. I added some enamel dots and some machine stitching for some texture in amongst the flowers, but besides that, I didn't embellish this page much more. I tried to keep it simple and clean. I didn't even use mist on this page-- shock, shock! ;)

I'll try to schedule some posts for next week. I like sharing my projects with you, and I have a lot to share from National Scrapbook Day creating, so hopefully I'll do better. 

What's going on with you? Do I have any blog readers out there? I'd love for you to comment and let me know if you're scrapping these days! :)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

You are my Bright Side

Happy Friday! 

Do you have plans for the weekend? Kevin is working this weekend, so it won't be like a "real" weekend. Tomorrow is (inter)National Scrapbook Day, so I will probably be crafting up a storm and entering some challenges online! I'm so in the scrappy mood. :) 

Here is the layout I was talking about the other day. The page where I used that ONE Paige Evans Oh My Heart paper. In case you missed the other post, here's what the paper looked like to begin with:

I trimmed out all of the strips and then grouped like colors together. Then I added some stitching and some tone-on-tone embellishing. This page was super fun to make! And *gasp!* I used colored cardstock for the background! Whaaaa??? Usually it's always white! 

Have you used this paper in a way like this? I really liked the way Paige used border punches with the strips of paper from this pattern, but I don't have any of my border punches with me, so I just went with the straight edges. :) 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Perfect Day {pls}

Today I'm up on the Pretty Little Studio blog with a Pinterest Inspired layout. 

I'm going to link you up to the blog post on the PLS blog because I don't feel like typing. ;)

Click HERE to view the post on the PLS blog! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Forever & Ever

I have a new layout to share with you today! 

I finally got my hands on that patterned paper from Paige Evans' Oh My Heart collection that has all of the different patterned strips on it. It's just the front of this paper:

I bought the paper at Joann's when they had their papers on sale I think 10 for $2? Whatever it was, it was super cheap. :) I cut apart all the little strips and made a page with the colored ones (I'll share that page later this week) and then I had all of the floral patterns left over. So, I made a layout with those too! I really love how this page turned out. It was one of those that just worked out perfectly. 

I love me some chipboard, but I have noticed that I don't really use it a lot. I like the texture, but not the bulk. So it stays in my stash for a long time. I wanted to blend together some older products with my new Oh My Heart stuff, so I dug out my chipboard sheets and got to work. I used some frames from several different lines... I really have no idea what is from where. I know they're all Crate Paper though! LOL

I used one of our wedding photos for this page. I love all of our wedding photos. I think all of these random pages that I make will be going either into their own album (not the album I will make of all of our photos) or I will just blend them with my other scrapbook pages. I'm not using the same colors/ products on any of my wedding pages that I'm making so far (just having fun with it), so I don't think I will make a big deal about them. 

And I built my title! Whaaaa? It's been forever since I've made up my own title instead of using a premade phrase thicker. ;) The 'forever' is a rose gold sticker from Oh My Heart, the & is from a pack from Pebbles, I believe, and the EVER letters are thicker alphas from my stash. Go me! ;P

See ya soon with another page! 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Watercolored Pineapple Card {pls}

Today I'm popping in with a post for Pretty Little Studio! 

I used this Pineapple on Pizza 8x8 paper from my Summer Vibes collection that looks like a coloring page. I used some Jane Davenport watercolors (The colors are so BRIGHT in this palette... I love them!) and colored in several of the pineapples. After the paint dried, I cut the shapes out and placed them on my card. I made two rows out of the pineapples and then put my sentiment in the middle of the card. I really love how it turned out! Makes me want to watercolor a LOT of these pineapples! 

You can read more about this card HERE on the PLS blog today! Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Card Process Video: Elle's Studio Live Laugh Love

So it's been forever and a day since I've made a process video, but I just uploaded a short one yesterday! I made this card in the video: 

I recently bought some of the Elle's Studio Live Laugh Love collection and was so excited to use it-- so I made a quick card with it. I love the colors in this new collection-- I'm not used to using purple, but I kinda like it! :) 

If you're interested in watching my process on how I made this card, you can view it here: 

And if that doesn't work for you somehow, HERE is the direct link to the video on YouTube. 
Happy Saturday! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sweet Memories

Hello! It seems like it's been forever since I've posted! I haven't been making much, but maybe saying that will kick me into gear and I can crank out some projects. :) 

We are now on the road staying in our camper! Yay! It's been a lot of work getting here... but that's another story for another day. The point of me mentioning that is I like it a lot. We have our "own" space. I can spread my scrapbook stuff everywhere if I want. I can cook on an actual stove (although I'm still kinda scared of it because it's gas and I'm afraid I'll burn everything). I can CLEAN my own "house." It seems like this is going to work a lot better than living in a hotel for 10 days at a time. 

So here's a layout that I made a while back and just haven't shared! 

I love me some floral patterned paper. I have been going back through my stash and have found SO many pretty patterns to cut out! This Paper No. 10 from Paige Evans' Take Me Away collection was just screaming to be used! So, while chatting with my mom one morning, I cut out several of these floral clusters. 

I decided to make a focal point with the floral clusters. I did some layering behind my photo, added a splash of yellow watercolor on my background, and ran with it! Currently I'm obsessed with black and white photos. I think they just stand out so well on colorful layouts. :) 

So here's to using up more of my stash and hopefully sharing more here too! 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Palm Leaves Layout + Card {pls}


I have a new post on the Pretty Little Studio blog! I'm sharing this layout: 

I'm semi-obsessed with the palm leaf trend. Like. Seriously. LOVE these little shapes that seem to be popping up everywhere. I had this idea to cut out a lot of these palm leaves and layer them on a scrapbook page (of course with a photo of Cancun!). I like that if you look at the layout at an angle, you can see the patterns underneath some of the layered leaves. 

And since I had some leftover diecuts, I went ahead and made a card too! I love how this one turned out too. 

If you're interested in seeing more of my process for making this layout and card (and a full supply list!), check out the Pretty Little Studio blog post HERE! Have a fabulous day!