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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Packaging + Flowers from a Boy

 Ok, so life has been crazy and I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry about that! :\ I have been working so much (literally-- I worked 40 hours last week) at my two jobs and between that and moving, I have had basically ZERO "me" time. Ok, so I have been gift wrapping, which is pretty fun. :) 

I love wrapping with kraft paper (I buy it in the postal supply section of Dollar Tree) and decorating my packages with my scrapbook stuff! So here are just a couple of gifts I have decorated lately. I have more, it's just that I haven't exactly found a good place to take scrapbooking pictures in our new house, so until then, these (really bad) photos will have to do. 

BTdubs (Laura says that all the time… heehee), I'm linking this up to the Scrapbook Circle gift wrapping challenge, which you can find by clicking here. Always love SC challenges! 

And in other news, I got my first flowers from a boy!!! Eeeeee! :)

Ok, calm down. It was just my dad. :)

I had had a really long and late day working on Friday and when I finally got home, my dad was still awake. He wasn't feeling good. Anyway, he wold me to go to my room and get the box on my bed. It was the flowers. TOTALLY made my day. I'm such a girly girl about some things and flowers are definitely one of those things. I'm a sucker for fresh flowers. :) He gave Mom and Laura flowers too. He said they were Christmas flowers. 
He's very thoughtful, don't ya think? :) Yep-- he's the best. 

Oh, and by the way, mine are the prettiest. :)


katiebug92 said...

I love the twine on your gifts!! They're so pretty!

My Dad gives me flowers sometimes as well.

Chark said...

best dad ever!

MarLeah Cole said...

Wow! You totally got me with the "flowers from a boy" Haha! :P That's so nice of him!