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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some photography to share with you...

I was looking through our computer at home and I saw some flower pictures that I have taken throughout the last couple of years and I thought "Ooh- I can share these on my blog!" One of my favorite subjects for my photos is flowers. They're so so beautiful and you can get so many different views of them. For instance, this first flower has water droplets on it because I took it in the morning while the dew was still on the ground. Then if you keep scrolling down this post, you'll find a picture of a rose in the snow! I love taking pictures... if anyone has some do-it-yourself techniques for taking pictures, I'd love to hear them! :)

By the way, all of these pictures were taken with my point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot camera. I thought they all turned out very well to not be using a professional camera!


kelsterjean said...

These flowers are SOOO pretty. My Kodak Easyshare takes nice photos also. I (almost) always have it on the Macro mode.

Lauram said...

Beautiful! I love the close up of the white gerber daisy!