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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 41- 46

Goodness gracious. I was looking back over these spreads as I was photographing them and WOW- a lot has happened in the last 5 weeks! I'm going to try to hit the highlights of each week… we'll see how much I actually remember. LOL I guess that's what PL is for, right? To remember the good stuff?

Week 41 (Oct. 6- 12)- This week was my birthday week. Woo hoo! I turned 19 on Friday. My little sister got her permit after a couple weeks of waiting to get her correct birth certificate from the state. (She didn't get to get her permit on her birthday because we didn't have the 'official' birth certificate or something like that.) I also applied for more jobs. I HATE applying for jobs. Have I said this before? :P I used the Maggie Holmes "Flea Market" line for this spread. I also mixed in pieces of the "Finnley" collection from Glitz and I thought it matched so perfectly! 

Week 42- This week consisted mostly of getting a job at Bath & Body Works (YAYAYAY!) and doing a yard sale. I also rearranged my room. I used the Dear Lizzy "Polka Dot Party" for this spread.

Week 43- Pretty sure this is the fastest spread I've ever made. I used the PL cards from the "Winter" set (that just so happens to be the same colors/ designs as the "Bundled Up" line from Crate) even though this week wasn't winter-y. I love taking products out of their "context." 

I had a job interview at Goody's (bottom left photo) and ended up getting that job too! So now I work 2 jobs! So within one week, I got 2 jobs. How crazy is that? I had a fun photoshoot with Laura this week. Laura and I also painted some M&M shirts for Laura and her friends for Homecoming Week at school. We also went shopping. Pretty simple week! 

Week 44- Marty & Alyssa's wedding! I thought the "We are so Good Together" journaling card was perfect to document their wedding! Didn't think I'd be using this card for me any time soon (haha), so I used it for their wedding! This week was also Halloween. Mom made some cute cupcakes (bottom right photo) for that. 

Important question here-- have you ever eaten an Air Delight Hershey's chocolate bar? If not, you should totally go buy one and try it. It's my favorite candy bar EVER. I used to find them everywhere. Wal-Mart, Dollar General, etc. But now I only see them at convenience stores/gas stations. Still. I LOVE THEM. It's chocolate. Only better. ;)

Quick side note on that white placement card. I was inspired by Pinterest to hand draw some fun PL cards. I love typography. It makes me sad knowing that I won't be studying typography in college. That's about the only thing I regret about not going to college though. :) I was reading my Bible one day and found this verse in Job 23: 10.

"But he knoweth the way that I take…"

I don't normally read in Job, but finding this verse brought tears to my eyes. It's like God knew just what I needed. I have no idea where I'm going in life, but it's a comfort knowing that he is leading me each and every step of the way. So this verse is one of my favorites right now. :) I knew I needed to include it in PL so I made a cute hand-drawn version of it.

Getting closer to more recent life happenings! Yay!

Week 45 (Nov. 3-9)- Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week was that we got a contract on our house! SOOOO excited! The people that are buying the house are really nice and they LOVE the house. Like, even the imperfections of the house they love (it's over 30 years old, so there are some things that are… let's just say, quirks). The almost-dirt road at the end of our road they LOVE. My goodness. It's crazy how much they like our house. ;)

I got 2 scrapbook packages this week. Woo hoo! Who doesn't like more scrapbooking goodies?? We also had Triton and Saige over to our house on Thursday. They are the children of some friends of ours. I think technically we are third cousins or something like that. But anyway. Triton is 3 years old (still my FAVORITE age!) and he is just hilarious. He and I went outside to play. And we found that there were 3 ripe strawberries on Anthony's strawberry plants. So of course we picked them and while we were bringing them up to the house, Triton kept holding them up to his nose and saying, "They smell so good!" Which, they DID smell really good. Momma hardly had them washed and de-stemmed before Triton had them consumed. ;) Apparently he likes strawberries. I thought the photo I got of him smelling the strawberries was SO cute! (bottom right photo) We love having kids over at our house!

Week 46- We signed a contract to buy our NEW house (top left photo) and so now the builders are working on finishing the basement for us. Anthony is going to have a room/ bathroom downstairs and there's also going to be a living room downstairs. Laura and I got moved out of our rooms (We're having inspections and an appraisal done on our house and supposedly you can't have rooms in the basement.), so that's fun. Our house is in an upheaval right now. My word for it: craziness. 

Oh- and Laura and I found a new music love: Hunter Hayes. Love his voice. :) Laura bought the whole Encore album off of iTunes. My music obsessions usually start out by Laura getting the music and then me listening to it. ;P Favorites from the album are: "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" (fun tune about being single :P), "Faith to Fall Back On," and "I Want Crazy." I made sure to document my "current obsession" on my PL spread. 

And did you notice that I typed the journaling? Yeah. It didn't exactly turn out like I wanted. The "Today" journaling card went crooked on me. :( I want a typewriter so I can manually type it all on my cards. Now that'd be cool!  

Ok so that's my PL up to date! Sometimes I don't really want to do PL, but then I get back in the mood and I love it. :) Still trying to decide whether I want to do it next year. The keeping up with it is what I'm not sure I like...


katiebug92 said...

I love reading about others project life books! :) It's so fun to see what you've been doing- congrats on 2 jobs! Are you liking them?

And as an answer to your question- I've never tried on of those candy bars! I'm not a huge chocolate fan, more of a peanut butter fan. ;)

MarLeah Cole said...

I LOVE these life project pages! They are so interesting to read/look at :)