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Friday, December 19, 2014

Crafty Christmas: Hair Accessories Dishes

Ok, so I had this brilliant idea to make DIY projects for my family for Christmas because I have no money since I quit my job a couple months ago. Why did I think I would SAVE money doing it this way?! Because in reality, you have to buy so many items to actually make your DIY projects. [sigh] Oh well...

I found this project on Darby Smart that I just *loved* for my sister Laura. Of course, I didn't want to pay $19 + shipping for this little crafty gift. (If I would have been smart, I would have checked out their Black Friday deals!) So I went on the hunt to make these for myself. 

I bought the black dishes at Michael's. They're actually candle dishes. But I thought they would be cute. I looked EVERYWHERE for white circular dishes, but apparently they don't exist at the places I went to. So I settled on these rough black ones. I bought one of the cat figurines at Hobby Lobby and one from Michael's. The gold spray paint and the super glue came from a Darby Smart kit I bought last year! (P.S. I love gold spray paint. I could paint everything gold.) I spent less than $10 on this DIY, so I call that a success! 

Step 1: Spray paint cat figurines.

Step 2: Once the cats are dry, superglue them to the dishes. ( tip: don't put too much super glue on the feet because what oozes out the sides will turn white on the dish. :/ )

And can you believe that's IT?! Crazy easy. And they're adorable, if you ask me. 

Laura sort of already saw these. They were on my dresser because I had shown them to Mom and she came in after school. Poo! But she likes them anyways! :)

Catch ya later! :)

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craftykellyj said...

These are super cute! I've never heard of Derby Smart before but I'm gonna check it out.