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Monday, January 18, 2016

Pinterest Finds: January

I have seen several bloggers who have a monthly post of recent pins they've found on Pinterest, and I LOVE seeing these kinds of posts. It's so neat to see what other people like pinning. So I wanted to try out doing my own Pinterest here on my blog! :) 

I just got a trial download of Adobe Illustrator on my computer (because I'm working on something SUPER fun!!), and so I had fun playing around and making this little collage. I hope to actually buy the program before I graduate college in May so I can get the student discount. But until then, I can still play around! I have found out I need a mouse attachment for my laptop. I cannot stand using my trackpad and trying to punch keys at the same time! 

So here are my recent finds:

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1-- Anything cats is perfect. I love this iPhone background, and wow... I need to go put this on my iPhone, not just pin it! :P
2-- I'm constantly dreaming of new places to visit. I don't think an overseas trip is in the plan for this year, but one day I will visit Prague (where this photo is from). 
3-- Currently I'm all about high waisted skirts with striped or plaid shirts. I don't have a striped shirt as of yet, but I bet there will be some coming out in the spring that I can buy! :)
4-- Still undecided on what to do to finish my scrapbook space downstairs. I love this desk space. It's a bit crazy, bit also super bright and fun. 
5-- Pretty watercolor striped notebook!
6-- These shelves are the bomb-dot-com.

Oh! And you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking HERE. :) See ya next month for more Pinterest finds! 

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MarLeah Beverage said...

I like these posts too!
When you get that cat wallpaper, can you send it to me as well?! lol!