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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Be Happy Mini Album {me & my BIG ideas}

Hello! Happy Thursday! I'm so happy you stopped by today. I have a new mambi project to show you! 

I made these cute little mini albums out of POCKET PAGES™ cards and some paper (wow, right?!). Plus of course I added some stickers and stitching to the paper. BUT I kept it super sweet and simple. I also made a YouTube video to show you how I made it! Check that out HERE. I found out making this tutorial that I'm awful at explaining what I'm doing. LOL I'd rather just show you. Let me know if you can understand what I'm actually saying! This is such an easy album to make. I need to make, like, 10 million of them (ok maybe not that many). ;) But for real, you'll see how easy they are in the video.

And that perfect backdrop pattern is a mambi paper. [insert heart eyes] I need to use that paper. Like, now. 

So here are the inside pages. I made a long collage of the pictures, so you can just click on the photo to see them all if you like. 

See? So awesome and small and did I say awesome?! Be sure to visit the me & my BIG ideas blog HERE. Catch ya later! 

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