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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scrap Room Tour!

It's about time I showed off my scraproom, isn't it?! I share it with my mom since I'm only a teen, and it's kinda small. But I love it! Click on any pictures to see a larger image.

Here is a picture of our room from the doorway.

Our Cropper Hopper folders for our paper!

Our pegboard for ribbon!

Cabinet doors with storage containers in it!


Re-done Natural Peanut Butter Jars! 
And here are some pictures of the scanvas signs hanging in our room! This first one I made and the other two my Mom made.

I would love to see YOUR scrapbook room! Leave me a link if you have shared it on your blog! :)


kelsterjean said...

Aw I love your scraproom! It's super cute!
Here is mine at my old apartment. It pretty much looks the same at our new home.

MarLeah Cole said...

Very Cute! I really like the little canvas wall decor!

You want to see my Scrapbooking "room"? It has to go along with our antique house... so... I have all of my scrapbooking stuff in an antique dresser. :D haha
But it don't do it enough to need anything else. :P