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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Prince Charming

Hi! I'm back with another Scrapbooking from the Inside Out "Belonging" page! This page is a fun one. I don't know if I have a favorite layout that I've made with this kit, but I really like this page. Maybe just because it talks about boys. Haha.

BELONGING- Although I belong in my family, I can't wait to get married. I have no prospects (??) of getting married ANY time soon, but I still like to think about it. :) So, this page is about me wanting to belong to someone. To have the other "half" of me. To have a guy best friend. I wrote a little note to my Prince Charming, and every time I read it, it makes me smile. Someday my prince will come… I'm ready when he's ready! My dad says I'm just having to wait for him to grow up! LOL 

Symbolism- I used lots of hearts and "love" on this page, along with a little tape charm to "record" my moment on this page. And more anchors… looking for someone to anchor me. It's kinda like shifting anchors. Going from my family who I've grown up with all my life to being someone's soulmate and living with him for the REST of my life… kinda hard to think about! :P

Now, to the design aspect of this page! I loved the numerous Allison Kreft 3x4 journaling cards that are in this kit and I wanted to make a little grid with them on a page. Of course layering had to be included too. :) I actually redid part of this page. Originally, this is how this layout looked:

I hated it. Something just wasn't right. I finally figured out what was wrong. The background was plain card stock. I hardly ever do that. And my handwriting is atrocious. It's too big and spaced out. So, I took the main part of the layout off (it was really easy to take off, surprisingly). Then I flipped over the pink paper and started the background over. 

I was inspired with the new Dear Lizzy "Polka Dot Party" papers that have white misting on the colored paper. I liked that look! So, I misted with some white Mister Huey, adding a few droplets of my homemade pink mist to the page, also. I added a piece of that awesome Elle's Studio Penelope paper on the left side of the page, painted a little, and wa-la! A whole different look! I journaled much smaller this time and I like my handwriting here. So, in all, I'm sooooo glad I redid this page! It really didn't take much time either, since it was just the background. 

So, here's the final layout, again.

Thanks for sticking it out through another one of my word-y posts! Be sure to check out the October SFTIO kit, "Belonging" HERE.


Ashley Horton said...

What a sweet page Heather!! Love your journaling! And the design and symbolism is great!!

Heather (goldiecar) said...

Love how you changed it up!! You're right, it was missing something, and now it's perfect!!

Megan D said...

Very cute page. I did something similar for my 20th birthday. I noticed all your wedding pins lately. I think its a normal phase :)

I just read this earlier and it really hit home:

MarLeah Cole said...

Aww... The whole page is perfect. And I love the symbolism with the anchors!

Chark said...

love the new page look! and I used to think I'd never find the right guy, but if you just give everyone a chance (and not just someone who fits x and y), you will find him when you least expect.