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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Right Now

Sharing another page made with the fabulous October "Belonging" kit from SFTIO… my "here & now" page. I thought a good aspect of the theme of belonging would be to scrapbook how I feel right now. 

BELONGING- Right now, I feel a bit lost in life. Since I have now graduated high school, I am not sure what to do with my life. I decided that college wasn't right for me (still happy with that decision), but then the dilemma came of finding a job. I've applied at different places that I thought I would enjoy, and I haven't heard anything back from ANY of them. So right now I'm kind of a bum staying at home and scrapping my life away. This is NOT what I want to do with my life. And so I was explaining in this layout how I don't know where I belong in LIFE right now. I hate the feeling. Makes me grumpy. Just ask my family. I just want to do something worthwhile with my life! I know there is somewhere that I fit, I just don't know where that is right now.

SYMBOLISM- Since this is a selfie photo (from back in April when I was in San Francisco… I took it in the hotel mirror), I used little camera accents on this page. And that arrow background? Yeah, that's how I feel. Going in all different directions. I used a little wood heart from Maya Road as a symbol of scrapping my "heart." This is how I feel right now and this page is all heart.

Design… ahh, yes. The layered cluster that I love to do every now and then. There's just so many pretty patterns in this kit that I had to showcase a lot of them! Patterned paper makes me happy! The "Right now" tab is actually part of one of the 4x6 cards that come in the kit. I cut part of the banner so I could slide my photo under it. But not all of it is cut. Just enough for my photo to go underneath. 

To separate the busy arrow background from the other patterns, I painted a mint blue circle to base my cluster on. I added some stitching to the painted "blob"… after the paint dried, that is. Then of  course I layered, layered, layered! 

This was the last page I made with the kit. I finally got to use that awesome ampersand sticker from the MME "Cut & Paste" sticker sheet that came in the kit. I painted it black so it would stand out on my page. I have thoroughly enjoyed designing with this kit. I'm glad I have leftovers so I can make more projects! :) 

See the kit I used for this project and all the other pages I've shared  for this month by clicking HERE. Be prepared for pure awesomeness. :)


Melissa Elsner said...

Another phenomenal layout! I so remember that feeling. My story is similar in that I decided to wait for college right after high school. Thankfully, I had a job already but it was fast food. No one likes fast food but, it paid the bills. I don't regret waiting. Over the years I was able to decide what I truly wanted to do and didn't waste money or time. SO nice! Good luck with the job search. There is something out there. There's got to be!

MarLeah Cole said...

Oh, Heather! Just enjoy it! I can see how you would feel like a "bum", but really, if God has put this in your life... ENJOY IT! :D I'm so happy that you are glad with your decision to not go to college though, that is most important, because once you get pulled in... there's no turning back! :P
I LOVE this post though, and I love how open you are to share your life with us!
<3 :)

Ashley Horton said...

Beautiful page Heather!! Love how you added the paint behond your photo!! And don't worry, you will figure out what's right for you!! I am 38 and still go through those moments. We are always changing and finding that next stage for our lives!!

Kelly Jean said...

So beautiful Heather. I know exactly how you felt. I started working as a legal secretary right out of high school and thought I would go to college and didn't end up going. I felt 'lost' for quite a few years but you learn so much along the way.