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Friday, June 7, 2013

SFTIO Blog Hop

Welcome to the SFTIO Design Team Blog Hop! We are showcasing layouts made by the current design team using the June kit TRANSFORMATION. If you are just starting the blog hop, make sure you begin at Melissa's blog so you don't miss out on any of the awesomeness we're showing you on this hop. This hop is special because we are saying goodbye to some wonderful ladies and also saying HELLO to our new Teen Collective. "What is a 'teen collective'?" you might ask. We are combining the Teen Designers from Create U with our Design Team at SFTIO. This will be a wonderful opportunity to have each of these girls give their perspectives on the monthly emotion. Each Teen Designer will be joining us for one month as a Guest Designer, but will be a constant and active "voice" on our website and forum. 

This layout is one of my favorites I made with the ACHIEVEMENT kit from Create U. This layout is about how proud I am that I paid for my first car myself and how I consider that a great achievement in this day and age! A lot of teens nowadays have their parents pay for their cars, but my parents wanted to show us how much responsibility it takes to own a car. Plus then if we wreck our cars, we have to buy another. It makes me appreciate my car more knowing that MY hard-earned money bought it. I think it gives so much more independence knowing that I bought MY car. 

As for the layout, I had this idea to use lots of pennants layered in the top left corner that came out of the total blue. I love using lots of patterns on one layout, so this option worked perfectly for me. I used some of the bright My Mind's Eye papers in this kit to complement the neutral photos. I turned the photos black and white because my car is silver and the shadows were pretty dark when I took the photos, so if I recolored them to black and white, then it would give me a lot more to work with as far as fill light is concerned. I always work in layers. First the paper, then embellishments and journaling, and lastly the title. It's so easy to pick out embellishments when you have a kit handy. INSERT SOMETHING ABOUT SYMBOLISM My title actually came from a license plate that my dad had. It said, "Don't Laugh, It's Paid For!" He had this on his clunker he drove to work. I liked the last part for my title, since I do (well, did… I have another car now) have a Mustang, not just a clunker car.

So there's a little bit about this layout. 

And don't forget about the prize! Leave me a comment telling me a transformation that has happened in your life. Here's my example: Working. I got my first job in 2011. I worked at that job for 1 1/2 years-- all of this during high school! I found out how to "go with the flow" a lot more than I had had to before and I learned how to deal with not-so-nice people (and kids, for that matter!). I feel like that was a transformation in my life of me growing up. Can't say I'm a grown-up yet, but I definitely think that having that job changed my life.

Anyway, leave me a comment by Saturday @ 9:00 pm pacific time. The winner will be announced on the SFTIO Facebook page and the SFTIO blog on Monday! 

Thanks for stopping my blog today! Don't forget to stop by Scrapbooking from the Inside Out to get a FREE inspiration page! You can also see their awesome June kit HERE

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Lori W said...

Awesome layout, Heather! Looking forward to seeing more from you! :)

Melody said...

Bad experiences with people who tried to use and take advantage of me taught me that I have to not let seemingly small things go. Those experiences transformed me into a wiser person although I hated having to go through that over and over again to finally get it.


~Melissa~ said...

Good for you! Proud of you and your car! Great layout to showcase the memory. My transformation this year has been to live filled with more grace and forgiveness and kindness, and it has made me a happier person doing so.

Ashley Horton said...

Awesome page Heather!! Love that shaped mat in your background!!

Miriam Prantner said...

Love the layout and the cluster in the corner. This year I transformed from working full time to working part time, it's been a great change!

JJsMomSteph said...

My biggest change this year has been my focus on exercise. It is no longer a once in a while thing, but at least 4-5 days a week part of my morning.

Martine said...

I transformed myself from being a miserable teacher to being a happy one, by changing my ways of thinking and letting go of some bad habits! wonderful LO! love all the layering and stitching!

scrapinmomma said...

A transformation is a change in something. I had a transformation on Thursday as I had a haircut and my color lightened with highlights.

Brittany Fitch said...

My outlook and my life has transformed from bad to much more positive.