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Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Ramblings

I like variety. I think the longer I live, the more variety I like. It's kinda crazy.

I mean, for one thing… when I eat out, it kinda hurts my heart not to ask for four different types of sauces for my chicken and french fries. If I had it my way, I would eat Zaxby's sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, and Chick-fil-A sauce with every single meal that required sauces… it would be amazing. BUT, I don't. I usually go with one or two sauces. Depending where we're eating (some places have better sauce selections than others, you know). 

And if you walked in to my bathroom right now, you would find five or six different bottles of body wash. Different days require different scents, right?! I think that obsession came from working at Bath and Body Works. Just sayin', their body wash leaves the scent on your skin… and it is amazing. I love smelling my skin after I take a shower. :) 

Then comes MUSIC. Have I said I love variety?? Seriously, my iPad has so many different artists on it. I know I'm not as crazy as some people, but I still like different types of music. Currently my obsession is One Direction. A little late in the game, I know, but REALLY. I listen to "Kiss You" every. single. day. It's such a happy song! :) [Now that I wrote that, I totally had to play that song.] Then I love love LOVE me some Josh Turner and Michael Buble. Goodness gracious, those men's voices. I'm pretty sure I have every single cd of MB. I've been to see JT twice. I'll take some country songs every now and then too. Plus add in some Southern Gospel like Legacy Five and Brian Free & Assurance. Always love those two groups. Then add some Colbie Caillat. Now mix it all together. With a few more artists I haven't even mentioned. There… now you have my kind of music mix. 

Of course, my love of variety also spreads into my scrapbooking. Like, I don't even have a specific brand that I use most of the time (umm… cough cough… American Crafts and Crate Paper… cough cough). I do love lots of different manufacturers. I'm a sucker for signature collections (like, one designed by a person… for example Dear Lizzy, Allison Kreft, Amy Tangerine). Dude. A dream would be designing my own scrapbook line. That'd be CA-razy! I love taking pieces from different collections and mixing them. Kinda makes my heart happy when I do that.

So there ya go. You learned something about me today. I like variety. :) 


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katiebug92 said...

I love learning little facts. ;)

I have pandora on my phone, and I think I have probably about 15 different stations I listen to.