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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Listen to your Heart

Hey there! I made another art journal page for this month at SFTIO. And I get to share the full project today! Yay!

This page was actually the very first project I made when I got my kit, and instead of cutting a half inch strip off of each paper (that scares me because I might want to use a paper later for a background and I have cut half an inch off!), I trimmed off the UPC strips from the bottom of each paper and used those! Some of them have patterns on one side and the information about the paper on the other side. And then some of them have the pattern of the opposite side printed on the side with the information. So that worked perfectly. Gave me lots of patterns to work with and didn't ruin my 12x12 size papers. 

Something a little "Oops!" that I did on this page was… notice anything? The round thickers have paint on them… and it all started out when I was holding the thickers over the still-wet heart to see how they'd look and dropped one. Oops. I think it was the "i" that I dropped originally. So then I just embraced the messy look and dabbed a couple more letters in the paint. I think it looks kinda cute, myself. :)

The washi tape isn't part of the kit, but I thought it added a nice texture to the page. Something that filled the dead space. 

So there you have it- my last project to share for this month of May!


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katie said...

it's lovely!! I also love how you stitched the heart!