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Monday, February 10, 2014

My Scrap Space

I don't think I have shared my new scrap space here on my blog… so here it is! 

 We do not have a scrapbook room in our new house (yet!), so all of my scrapbook stuff is situated on one wall in my bedroom. It seems a little cluttered to me but I am learning how to deal with it and I'm also learning how to make it look prettier and more cohesive as I go. For example, I invested in some new wire baskets that are more neutral colors so they match my bedroom better. Before, I had PINK and BLUE bins. Now they're brown chicken wire and gray wire. I bought most of all my new organizers at Hobby Lobby. 

 I really wanted the window in my room to be over my desk (pretty natural light!), so we made sure that happened when deciding where to place all of my furniture in my room. Once I get it completely decorated, I'll share pictures of my room. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at my small scrapping space! :)


katiebug92 said...

I've done the "scrapping in my bedroom" thing before.I used to say that I just slept in the craft room. ;)

I love that little brown basket on your desk with places to organize things!

Ashley H said...

I used to have my scrapbook room in my bedroom. I just bought a house and now have a designated scrapbook room. It's SO nice! Your space is cute! :)