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Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow + Beach

This past week we played in the snow and also went to the beach… all in one week! Crazy, right?

Wednesday night it snowed. It was so beautiful. We kept looking out the window to see if it was still snowing. We ended up getting 3-4 inches. Probably the most I have ever seen in Alabama. :P So, Thursday we got up earlier than normal and played in the snow! Dad and I were trying to find stuff in the basement to make a sled, but alas. Everything that would have worked was in the storage shed. Aww man. Then! Epiphany! We found an air mattress in the garage sale stuff! Yay! Talk about redneckin' it. LOL It was awesome though. We live on a hill, so we had plenty of steep hill to sled down. Laura and I eventually popped the mattress by hitting a stick. Oops. 

Oh! And the best part about the snow? It all melted before noon. Now that's the kind of snow I like! It falls, you play in it, then it goes away. 

Our House

Our Neighborhood

A Snow Heart :)

We made a snow family! 

Then Friday we made a little mini trip to the beach! We only live 5 hours away, and seriously. Why we don't go more often?? The last time I have been to the beach was 2008. And before that, it was… a long time ago. We always enjoy going to the beach whenever we actually make it down there. So, I don't know why our trips there are few and far between. 

No, we couldn't swim in the ocean. It was too cold. But, it was nice. 55-66 degrees. It was windy the first day we were there, but Sunday was good. Almost a little warm! We were only there two nights, but it was so nice. We NEEDED a getaway. And next week I'm going to Missouri. Yay! I love to travel!! :)

I love feet photos... not exactly my own feet, but I still like feet photos.

My family!

One of my favorite photos-- edited a little bit

the beach! 


katiebug92 said...

I love your snowmen! I've never had enough snow to build snowmen that big + that many of them!

One time when we had a bunch of ice we went "Sledding" in the bucket of a wheel barrow. :) haha.

Oh and also- I love Gulf Shores. We were just there at Christmas so I recognize that pier in the last photo. ;)

Andrea said...

very cool! awesome that you had snow and beach all in one weekend! That would never happen here in MN unless I took an airplane somewhere!

MarLeah Cole said...

Aw! The snowman family is so cute! And I can't believe you went to the beach! That is so awesome! Or, I guess I should say, I can't believe you don't go more, since you DO live so close! ;)