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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

For No Reason

Lately I have really enjoyed making cards. Currently, I have a lot of layouts that are in need of being put in albums and that makes me feel so unorganized. So until I fix that problem, I don't want to add any pages to that "homeless" stack. Since we've moved, I haven't even looked at my scrapbook albums, so I don't know how many empty page protectors I have. I do know where my albums are though, which is a good start. :) 

I sorted through my scrapbook albums before we moved and, literally, I threw away probably 100 pages. Either I didn't like the page (maybe I did it for a challenge and did it in a hurry just to make the deadline) or the page really didn't mean anything to me. Like, oh hey, here's some random photos of some flower pictures with the title "pretty flowers." Yeah, those got thrown away. At first I felt bad, but I like de-cluttering. So it didn't bother me long enough to make me stop sorting. LOL I'm like that. I usually get over my sentimentality and throw stuff out without contemplating too much.

So, I said all that to make this point. I like making stuff that I can give away. I love letting it cheer up someone's day. I try to send some happy mail every week. Of course that doesn't happen alllll of the time, but hey. It's a good goal. I'm always on the lookout when shopping for cute little things I can send to my friends. Or of course, I make something. 

These cards went to some of my friends. Really, I didn't have anything specific to say in these cards except, "Hey- have a nice day!" I used to send letters all the time, but now the internet is so much more effective for communication. So now I just send happy mail. No-reason mail. :)

Have a great day! I'm off to go make some more happy mail! ;)



katiebug92 said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has thrown away layouts. ;)

These cards are adorable, Heather. I really love the colors and the stitching.

MarLeah Cole said...

Aw! I love them all! And thanks so much! ;)
I love pushing past those sentimental feelings too, and just getting rid of stuff.