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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today is Your Day!

So excited to share my last layout for this month at SFTIO! 

Ok, so this was the first page I made this month. My brain always goes a little crazy starting out… I get all these crazy ideas for projects. Sometimes they translate well onto layouts. Sometimes they're a little too far out there. LOL

I handwote several different versions of the word "today" on a piece of paper and then traced them all in my Silhouette software. I was originally planning on picking the one I liked best and cutting lots of only that one, but then I decided that it would look cool with all the different kinds of "today." I ended up cutting 3 full 8.5"x11" pieces of paper that were filled with these "today" diecuts. Talk about taking a while to carefully remove each diecut! And adhere them onto my page! Told you I had some crazy ideas! :P This one just happened to be very time-consuming.

The piece of paper I used for the background originally had a party table printed on one corner of it, so I painted over it with the Tumbled Glass paint (included in the kit) and added some messy drops to the page before placing down the "today" diecuts. I think the painted part looks cool! That background paper has a light damask pattern on it, if you can't tell. It's really pretty.

I tried adding some arrows to the page with gesso and the template included in the kit, but, umm… that didn't work. I guess my gesso is too liquid-y or something. They just looked like big blobs. Grainy, painty blobs. So, I scraped off most of the gesso before it dried and then added watercolored arrows (using the same template) after the gesso dried. Then I outlined the arrows with a scrapbook pen. So glad something else worked out for that… because the original gesso arrows looked terrible! 

Ok, so that's a little behind the scenes peek at layout #4 for this month! Be sure to read more on this page by going to the SFTIO blog. :)



Fresh Delight said...

I adore your layouts a lot, there is non of them I don't like :)

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Wow! Another impressive the "today" & stitching over the entire page with the title just a shade darker. Also, really like how the arrows turned out after all of the gesso problems!

Mandi said...

Amazing page. I didn't know you could do that feature with the silhouette. I really, really want one now.

Ashley Horton said...

Amazing layout Heather! Love how you used your handwriting and filled up the background with the word today! And the stitching adds a great touch of texture!

Andrea Kuenzel said...

this page is awesome and your journaling is great! Love to see your layouts!